Florida Bar Accused of Misconduct

The judge rejected it without blinking.

But now, the Florida Bar, which sets the ethical standards for attorneys is accused of breaking its own rules, claims Tampa Attorney Scott Tozian. “The Bar acted in an improper manor in a prosecution of this case,” said Tozian.


Tozian has represented troubled attorneys for over 30 years.

He’s battled the Florida Bar hundreds of times, but this latest case has him shaking his head in disgust. “We felt like the prosecution was biased,” said Tozian.

This all came about during an insurance settlement dispute when one attorney complained to the Florida Bar about being left out of negotiations.

He wanted the bar to punish the opposing attorneys and strip them of their law license.

Emails show he even pressured the bar to hire an ouside attorney instead of using their own.

And in a rare move, the bar agreed, paying the newly hired attorney close to $400,000. “The bar had to actually amend its budget in order to pay that money. It’s not like the Florida bar has $400,000 sitting in a kittie,” said Tozian.

Tozian says that money could’ve been put to better use like funding Pro Bono cases. “Those organizations are always in need of extra funds for the people of the state of Florida who cant afford legal services,” said Tozian.

Even worse, says Tozian, is the bar’s tactics in this case, which he describes as “dishonest, deceitful, and unethical.”

In a motion to the Supreme Court, he accuses the bar of submitting fraudulant documents to the court, and then trying to cover it up, something that should be unheard of for the bar, writing “very simply this case represents cronyism at its worst.”

Tozian says dozens of e-mails and sworn testimony backs up his claims.

He is now taking his complaints about the bar misconduct to the Florida Supreme Court. “The vast majority of the men and women who represent the Florida Bar do so ably and confidently and ethically. In this case I question all of that,” said Tozian.

Tozian wants the high court to dismiss the case against his clients because of the bar’s misconduct.

Meanwhile, the bar sent FOX 13 a response to these allegations.

They concede that while some of the actions may look suspicious, they are adamant they never intended to deceive or hide anything from anyone.


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