Dear 2016 Presidential Candidate, What’s causing the DCF deaths and the separation of our families?


Dear 2016 Presidential Candidate,

Please help to stop the silent Holocaust caused by DCF nationwide. See recent example: Department of Children and Families visited Auburn foster home 3 days before toddler Avalena Conway-Coxon died in foster care 

We desperately need DCF CPS Family court Reform!

From VoteFamily.US:
Almost on a weekly basis two children are killed under the supervision of the Department of Children and Families (DCF) (last count 534+ in the last six years in Florida alone as per the Miami Herald

 (, and many more are taken away from parents even when this is not in the best interest of the children for mainly monetary reasons, see video.

What’s causing the DCF deaths and the separation of our families? One word summarizes it: GREED. DCF prefers to place children in foster homes or give them for adoption than to give them to family members because for every dollar it spends in foster homes, it receives three dollars from the federal government, a 200% return on investment (ROI) on top of monthly payments received for each foster child, and the bonuses received per adoption, all of which amounts to a highly sophisticated form of child trafficking as reported HERE similar to the Kids for Cash case in Pennsylvania, as described by the believed to have been murdered Senator Nancy Schaefer.

Don’t believe it? See testimony from Legal Aid attorney before Florida Supreme Court committee explaining how parents victims of domestic violence may lose custody of their children when they go before a judge for a restraining order seeking protection from their attackers and end up being separated from their children because “as a matter of law” they “have failed to protect their children from witnessing domestic violence:” YouTubeYouTube.

Take a look at three of these victims testifying at these hearings.

The second woman is Yarmila Castellanos, had her 3 day-old baby removed from her arms by DCF for no other reason than reporting domestic violence while her three other children were at home:

Unfortunately, these abuses cause great detrimental effects not only to the parents, but most importantly to the innocent children: YouTube.

And, one of the main targets of these gruesome acts are the disabled as per a recent investigation by the Department of doj child welfare.



DCF CPS Children Deaths Dependency Family Court
DCF CPS Children Deaths Dependency Family Court

Or, take for example, the widely known case of Nubia Barahona described here, Say NO To PAS. A judge, and DCF ignored clear and convincing evidence that the Barahona children were being abused and neglected based solely in what seemed to be an unprofessional and biased report of a psychologist, Vanessa Archer, who has shown similar behavior in other cases,

 12. Despite responsible family members requesting custody of minor children, the Barahona children were left with the foster care abusers for no other reasonable explanation than monetary reasons. A few months later, Nubia Barahona was murdered at the hands of the foster parents, see report, and diagram explaining what some have termed the Family Court Cartel.

The same greed motivation is behind the forced separation of parents in family courts. If one of the parents has less than 50/50 time sharing, he/she is forced to pay child support, and for every dollar the states spend in child support, the federal government reimburses 66 cents back (so for every $1 the states spend, they receive $1.98 dollars back, a 98% ROI) plus millions in incentives to the states, as per Title IV-D of the social security, which is used among other things to pay the same judges who are giving these orders,  a conflict of interest to say the least.

So even though 50/50 time sharing is the law in Florida, judges in many cases ignore this under the excuse of the “best interest of the children” when in reality they are motivated by the desire to fill the state coffers and pay their own salaries and benefits.  In other words, as these testimonies show: GREED has replaced the rule of law.

Thanks for your time and attention. I look forward to receiving your reply.


Mario A. Jimenez Jerez, M.D., B.S.E.E.
The Grace of the Lord Jesus be with you.

DCF CPS Children Deaths Dependency Family Court

DCF CPS Children Deaths Dependency Family Court.

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We desperately need DCF CPS Family Court Reform!

florida judges - 2015Source: DCF CPS Children Deaths Dependency Family Court

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