Only Fathers With $$ Can Fight Back

HELPWhat happens in Florida when visitation rights are frustrated?


Miami, FLMIAMI-DADE POLICE (MDPD) Department’s  Professional Compliance Bureau (PCB) Major Shimminger conducted a PCB investigation on the reporting officer but failed to properly investigate false police report by woman/mother who fabricated an incident of domestic violence.

Judge Victoria R. BrennanThe MDPD never contacted the father about the alleged incident which the mother reported 26 hours later. The mother obtained an “information only” police report in which the mother and her attorney used later in a biased (man-hater) judge’s DV courtroom of Honorable Victoria Brennen. Mother violated Florida Statutes 741 and 837 and the MDPD did nothing!

The father, upon finding a police report existed that was false, he filed a police report against the mother for making a false police report and spoke to Captain Bollinger-Heller (Domestic Crimes Bureau) about it. SHE suggested he should just “let this go”. She also referred him to an MDPD Victim’s Advocate. The father replied by sending a complete, clear, and concise report back to the MDPD’s Major Herrera of the Domestic Crimes Bureau requesting further investigation. A copy was sent to State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundel, Honorable Judge Maria Espinosa Dennis, and Honorable Judge Sandy Karlin (Administrative Judge of the 11th Judicial Circuit’s Family Division).

This matter is well documented and fills half of a banker’s box. There is evidence to prove police misconduct. The father eventually became disabled because of the trauma he suffered and continues to suffer.

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Stop False AllegationsThe father has known the mother since 1990 when they started dating and there has NEVER been any incident of domestic violence. The father filed a paternity suit for his father’s rights to his daughter and the mother was advised by her attorney to make the false allegations to the police to gain an upper hand in the family court case.

False AccusersWe can provide all the documents, police reports, and case numbers if your interested in pursuing this case. The father also contacted State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundel on 3 occasions only to be referred back to the MDPD. The father corresponded directly with the now retired Director of the MDPD Mr. Loftus who referred him to his subordinates, Major Shimminger and Major Herrera. The father still battles these false allegations until today.

Added a resource to pro se library which helps people make complaint about police

A family justice system shake-up giving children legal rights to maintain relationships with both parents after separation has been criticized by the man who chaired a review of the rules.”This is not a question of fathers’ or mothers’ rights; it is about protecting the rights of children to have two loving parents fully involved in their lives wherever possible, to the benefit of the children, their families, and wider society,”

False Domestic Violence Allegations As Advised by Family Law Lawyers - 2015

As advised by lawyers, separating and/or divorcing parents often make false allegations of domestic violence (DV) in the form of a restraining order to evict an innocent parent from the home, interfere with contact with child/ren, and then file for temporary custody (virtually never temporary). False police reports are often obtained and used in DV Court…called “information only reports”, but contain a fabricated incident of DV and thus a serious crime if and when exposed.

The International Access and Visitation Centers conference was held in Toronto last month. The Parental Alienation Awareness Organization (PAAO)  was there and spoke to most of the 200 or so practitioners. Of course all were familiar with alienation and it’s results. Everyone was not only gratified to see PAAO at the event, they all also acknowledged that Parental Alienation is either a form of Domestic Violence or on the continuum of Domestic Violence behaviors.

Bringing DV Reform into the Political Debate

A Film by Tom Lemons

DVI- The Inside Story from Tom Lemons on Vimeo. editor Matt Allen talks with Tom Lemons, a filmmaker whose latest film “DVI: The Inside Story” is a powerful half-hour documentary that looks at the impact of false domestic violence claims and a system that promotes these false allegations

Respect is earned not something that comes with wearing a badge or gun. Cops who demand respect ARE THE PROBLEM, cops who earn our respect ARE THE SOLUTION. Just one bad cop causes an entire department to look bad.


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