Safety of Children in Florida ~ Letter to Governor Rick Scott

Safety of Children in Florida ~ Letter to Governor Rick Scott

The Tallahassee Thousand ~ Mark Your Calendars

We will be standing up and speaking up for our children.the-people-who-think-they-are-crazy-enought-to-change-the-world-are-the-ones-who-do

Children need both parents! Stronger Families & Stronger Children Build Stronger Communities

Bring your parents, grandparents, children, friends and family.

We will be 1,000 strong in Tally!!!

About the Venue — Saturday, November 5 at 9 AM – 6 PM

Stronger Families & Stronger Children Build Stronger Communities 

We are Fathers helping Fathers. We are parents helping parents. We are advocates dedicated to bringing a change to end fatherlessness in Florida.


The Dysfunctional Family Court System Organizational Chart:dysfunctional-family-courts-2015

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South Florida State Senate Races

e3b2e-flag-of-floridaTwo candidates with no party affiliation have jumped into state Senate races in South Florida.

Children’s Rights and Family Law Reform


Who we are –

For Family Restoration and Protection

We are Patriots who love our constitution and families

We are Regular citizens.

We are Patriots; we love the One True Living God, U.S.A and the U.S Constitution

We are Not Lawyers.

We are Not career politicians.

What we Believe ~ Just and fair courtrooms free from cronyism and corruption.

Our Family courts require redesign to better preserve posterity for our children.

Parental Alienation is Child Abuse and is unacceptable.

Our Goals ~ One of the main causes of all the abuses taking place in the present judicial system and associated organizations, guardianship programs, DCF , Juvenile courts, HOA scams, Family Courts, etc. is the lack of judicial accountability caused by the lost of judicial checks and balances so necessary in a Republic.

Reform the Department of Children and Families.

Create ways to enact and enforce laws that protect our children, our youth, our elderly, and our families.

Make government servants accountable for their actions protecting the citizens of our state.

Increase public transparency at all levels of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of our state.

Also see

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Enough is Enough! Florida Family Law Reform Task Force Needed!!

Another dangerously flawed family law reform bill has been once again submitted in the Florida Legislature. As this flawed legislation persists, Republican Sen. Tom Lee, who has been embroiled in his own past divorce and child support battles, has now introduced Senate Bill 250. Many marginalized members of the Florida Bar are saying enough is enough — it’s time for Florida Gov. Rick Scott to do the right thing and form a neutral “Family Law Reform Task Force” to carefully study this issue and recommend fair and equitable changes to our family law statutes that, if necessary, do not unjustly harm women and children.Ocala Article Family Law Reform - 2015

The proposed Alimony/Family Law Reform bill contains as one of its greatest flaws an equal child timesharing provision, which creates a legal presumption that equal time splitting between parents occur. This legal presumption can only be overcome if the parent challenging the presumption enters into a legal fight and proves, with evidence, that it is not in the best interests of the child to have equal time with both parents.

There is no exception in the proposed statute regarding the age, physical or mental health of the child, or the physical or mental health of the parents. This will mean that unless a parent challenges the law, infants and toddlers would be exchanged between households on a nearly 50/50 basis. Alcoholic or abusive parents will be presumed to be entitled to 50/50 split timesharing with their children as well, including overnights.

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Family Court Legislation Proposed  ~  Children’s Rightsthe war on men - 2016

Florida Florida Access To Civil Justice Florida Justice Association And Justice 4 All ~ Florida Florida Justice Institute Childrens Rights Florida Children’s Rights Stop Child Abuse Stop Emotional Child AbuseWhat happened to EQUALITY - 2016

Being the queen of generalizations I am going out on a ledge.But hear me out. Even one of the columbine shooters was treated with an anxiety medication. Maybe we should see why the rates of asperger’s and autism are increasing? Maybe it could be as simple as the food we eat.(over processed). I say more love and understanding and having 2 parents would fix this sooner than gun legislation~Jan

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As an advocate for fathers against family court’s anti-father rulings. They unintentionally obscure the real tyranny that fathers face. Their pleas and actions play into complex morass that family court and its benefactors use as a smokescreen to cover its tyranny.

The family court is a far cry from its original version during our nation’s first century. Then, societal values made divorce and out-of-wedlock children rare. Fathers and mothers were held responsible for contracted obligations but not denied their parental rights and benefits. Society recognized both the fundamental rights of individuals and the importance of preserving the family because of the natural protection and incentives it afforded to its members – and to freedom from government intrusion into the family.

But the family court has, now, long been perverted into the family destruction business. It does so by denying fit fathers their parental rights to their own children – the…

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Effects of Trauma on Family Court Cases


Effects of Trauma on Family Court Cases:
What is Trauma and Why We Must Address It?
By Linda FieldstoneMiami Demo5

“My children are a gift that God gave me. The state did not receive those children from God and then forward them on to me with conditions. God gave those children to me. I will stand before Him to be judged on how I raise my children, and I don’t believe it’s appropriate for the state to step in and either play God– or play parent.”Purple Keyboard Campaign 4Justice - 2015

The Purple Keyboard & World4FamilyJustice Reform : Cyber Protest Campaign in 2016!

Family Courts are injuring “fit” parents by allowing false allegations of domestic violence strip a father’s right to access his child. There are several well documented “Family Court CAUSED” Post Traumatic Stress Disorder cases logged with the Florida Department of Health. To make matters worse the children are hurting because of the lies. False allegations of domestic violence IS domestic violence. AND Parental Alienation is CHILD ABUSE!!! These lies are formulated by attorneys, recommendations to the clients to file FALSE POLICE REPORTS (Information Only Reports). Parents are unjustly denied access because of the PTSD injury the “Family Court CAUSED”; believing accusations without REAL evidence, not an “Information Only Police Report”. Ironic? YES and ILLEGAL!! (USC Title 18 Section 242) Furthermore it’s DISCRIMINATION by a Family Court Judge who has “Absolute Judicial Discretion” in an EMPTY COURTROOM!!! So lets say you walk into family court to do the right thing, as a petitioner, asking for contact, responsibility, “to pay” child support; then the Judge hits you with her mallet and cripples dad. Then, dad enters limping back into Family Court, the Judge says “you cannot see your child because you’re crippled”. Then the Judge removes herself from the case when dad (petitioner) tells the Florida Bar AND the Judge about the ILLEGAL POLICE REPORT AND PERJURY BY MOM. The requirement and Standard for Preponderance of Evidence to separate a child from a parent IGNORED!!! 08-29595 Evidence inadmissible because it is the primary product of an unlawful act or because it was obtained by the exploitation of an unlawful act: 18 U.S. Code § 3504 – Litigation concerning sources of evidence (a) In any trial, hearing, or other proceeding in or before any court, grand jury, department, officer, agency, regulatory body, or other authority of the United States— (1) upon a claim by a party aggrieved that evidence is inadmissible because it is the primary product of an unlawful act or because it was obtained by the exploitation of an unlawful act, the opponent of the claim shall affirm or deny the occurrence of the alleged unlawful act; (2) disclosure of information for a determination if evidence is inadmissible because it is the primary product of an unlawful act occurring prior to June 19, 1968, or because it was obtained by the exploitation of an unlawful act occurring prior to June 19, 1968, shall not be required unless such information may be relevant to a pending claim of such inadmissibility; and (3) no claim shall be considered that evidence of an event is inadmissible on the ground that such evidence was obtained by the exploitation of an unlawful act occurring prior to June 19, 1968, if such event occurred more than five years after such allegedly unlawful act. (b) As used in this section “unlawful act” means any act the use of any electronic, mechanical, or other device (as defined in section 2510 (5) of this title) in violation of the Constitution or laws of the United States or any regulation or standard promulgated pursuant thereto.

Legal Aid Florida refers Father to “potential” Pro Bono Family Law Lawyer Cynthia Deinstag. Father becomes traumatized and ill after seeing this very large poster hanging inside of Ms. Deinstag’s office and realizing the lawyer specializes in “female” clients only. Ms. Deinstag refuses to accept Father’s Pro Bono Representation Request. Florida Legal Aid abandons Father and ignores his request for Pro Bono Family Law Lawyer / Guardian Ad Litem request and contact attempts. — at

April 9, 2014 · can you please share this pic – family has been missing since july 2013 – possible locations – GEORGIA – savannah , sylvester areas OR its possible they are in FLORIDA thanks xxxx

Please SHARE… as too many lives are ruined FOR LIFE due to our BROKEN systems.

Lets fight to band lawyers & judges from the child custody & support process and put it into the hand of an agency with people that are truly educated and versed in the well being & health of our families. Families members should not be treated like criminals.
Shame on our systems & shame on those that keep children away from good parents!

Your army looks strong! I like the work your doing. Thank you, I’m sure you don’t hear it enough. Please share our flyer with other fathers.


December 23, 2015 · Dear Sir or Madam, Notably this is a very hard and sad time of year for those trapped by the well hidden, socialist state dictatorship, family courts Australia, war on children and families. This time of year yet higher suicide rates are seen around so called family court Where children and families are torchered by atrocities, forced separation, contempt of justice, at the hands of the evil end of town, the aggressive ruthless thug army, of politicians and their lawyers, trafficking children and destroying families.

Will County Pro-se

(( TRUTH- PTSD is a WOUND )) How many families have been exposed to harm by judicial abuse and or government abuse. Protect the child, the family and our HEROES from those who conceal the truth for their PROFIT.
“Now, After” (PTSD From A Soldier’s POV) [contains graphic imagery]

I went to film school at USC after returning from Iraq. This is what life was like for me then, and this is 100% a true story. Hopefully others – especially …

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The Family Courts In Crisis ~ “I Love Mornings!” Said no depressed person. Ever.

In adjudicating child custody, the court weighs multiple factors to determine the best interest of the child. Most state statutes and court decisions in the United States permit judges to consider the factor of parental mental health. To answer how judges consider this factor when adjudicating child custody, 17 judges who oversee child custody determinations participated in semi-structured in depth interviews conducted by the author. By providing judges with an opportunity to discuss their decision-making process in such cases, this paper provides a unique occasion to understand and gain insight into the process by which judges consider this best interest factor. Thus, the study reported here is the first to specifically examine judicial consideration of parental mental health when adjudicating custody. These interviews reveal that for judges, parental mental illness is not an a priori reason to deny custody. Judges make custody decisions based on information from the observations and recommendations of a Guardian ad litem, custody evaluations, and personal observations of the judge, framed by “common sense.” Judges, however, tend to overestimate their understanding of the psychological factors relevant to post-divorce adjustment. At the same time, they do not discharge effectively their gatekeeping role when they consider, without question, the evidence, opinions, and conclusions offered by evaluators. To address these problems, it is recommended that judges overseeing child custody proceedings be required to receive more effective training concerning the relevancy and significance of parental mental health, understanding and applying social science and behavioral research, and evaluating expert recommendations. In addition, the law should afford such judges more latitude to consider remissions of a contesting parent’s psychiatric symptoms. Lastly, both the law and the judges who enforce it should presumptively afford the mentally ill parent an opportunity for rehabilitation before implementing a permanent custody order.

How Does the Presence of Mental Illness Impact a Child Custody Decision?

According to the Marriage Act, a parent’s mental health shall not be considered if it “does not affect his relationship to the child.” 131 That is, if there is no nexus between the mental illness and the best interest of the child, the judge may not consider the diagnosis in deciding child custody. Judges interviewed for this study overwhelmingly stated that they considered the parent’s mental illness only if it was perceived to relate to the child’s best interest.132 “The issues is how does the [ ] [mental illness] affect your parenting, not do you have a mental health diagnosis.” 133 Another judge noted, “if there is a mental health issue. . . what can you do to make sure that the best interest of the child or children are not harmed. . . [I]t is certainly not a trump card for the other side.” 134 One judge stressed, “I don’t care about the diagnosis. I care whether the party can function if they had custody of the child.” 135 Another judge responded by saying, “[H]ow has the parent dealt with their condition? . . . [A]re they able to handle it and still look after the best interest of the child?no greater heartbreak - 2015

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