Tired of Spending Money on Useless Lawyers in Divorce or Family Court? Here’s a Solution.

Excerpt from Dr. Koziol’s public initiative report and funding request:

Do not pay lawyers - 2016As a general observation, industrialists sell products, government sells services, businesses sell both, doctors sell advice and cures, psychiatrists sell therapy and medications, and lawyers sell controversies and promises. Of all these “stocks in trade” the last is most counter-productive to families.

They do not belong in a forum created to protect our children. And when government makes it profitable for their participants to incite controversy, it is the worst kind of evil. Minor disputes erupt into major ones with the words of an unscrupulous lawyer adept at abusing the system for fee generating purposes. In the end, a protracted court battle yields irrevocable harm.

human rights violations in America go unchecked. Barbaric debtor prisons, free speech targeting and child control laws have reached epic proportions particularly among our founding states.Unfortunately the laws are drafted to cultivate, encourage and even incentivize conflict in these courts. The very structure for resolution is built upon artificially induced controversy and an unsupported foundation for distributing child-rearing authority between superior and inferior parents. Shared parenting initiatives have failed time and again in states all across America due to a universal failure to invalidate the archaic system which is being protected. Many never even make it the floors of our state legislatures. A major objective of this action plan, therefore, is to debunk the custody myth through public awareness of its untold detriments.

GreedThe state’s seizure of parenting rights enables lawyers to examine every aspect of a family’s private life in a public courtroom. Once the financial information is extracted, they are able to determine the extent of liquid assets available from the combatants for fee generating purposes. Child interests provide fertile ground for endless disputes, and settlement efforts are often promoted only when the money runs out…DivorceCorp - Family Law Lawyers - AFLA Blog - 2016

Source: Tired of Spending Money on Useless Lawyers in Divorce or Family Court? Here’s a Solution.

Equally Shared Parenting

Shared parenting refers to a collaborative arrangement in child custody or divorce determinations in which both parents have the right and responsibility of being actively involved in the raising of the child(ren).

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The term is often used as a synonym for joint physical custody, but the exact definitions vary, with different jurisdictions defining it in different ways, and different sources using the term in different ways.[1] A regime of shared parenting is based on the idea that parental responsibilities should be shared by both the parents.[2]

It is typically a legal mechanism applied in cases of divorce, separation or when parents do not live together; in contrast, a Shared Earning/Shared Parenting Marriage is a marriage where the partners choose at the outset of the marriage (and prior to conceiving children) to share the work of childraising, earning money, house chores and recreation time in nearly equal fashion across all four domains.

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Shared Parenting.

Parents are presumed equal during the marriage. What changed in the equality equation once the marriage ends? Children need and want both parents in their lives, not as visitors, but as active and equal participants. That’s why shared parenting is best for children.

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Even when blood relationships are strained, parents retain vital interest in preventing irretrievable destruction of their family life; if anything, persons faced with forced dissolution of their parental rights have more critical need for procedural protections than do those resisting state intervention into ongoing family affairs. Santosky v. Kramer, 102 S Ct 1388; 455 US 745, (1982).
Parents have a fundamental constitutionally protected interest in continuity of legal bond with their children. Matter of Delaney, 617 P 2d 886, Oklahoma (1980). .
The liberty interest of the family encompasses an interest in retaining custody of one’s children and, thus, a state…

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Father forced into poverty because of child support

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Testimony from another father about how he was destroyed and forced into poverty because of the child support collection system in Canada. Many fathers in Canada are destroyed as a result of Canada’s biased and unlawful child support system. Many custodial parents who are unable pay for their own children are given welfare by the government and are allowed to go on to have more children and are given more welfare, yet non custodial fathers who are unable to pay are given jail time.

A detailed analysis which clearly shows how Canada’s child support system is flawed can be viewed at the following link:

Canada Court Watch

See more videos of injustice at and click on the video link button on the right side of the home page. 

A discussion forum on the topic of the FRO and Canada’s Child support system can be found here.

Just hearing the words child support sparks an emotional response. Fathers who feel like the rules are more about the paycheck than the parenting, mothers who say they cant live on what they have.

In general, the perception is, its unfairly biased against men in the state of Massachusetts, says John Ollen of Marthas Vineyard.

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This is why we need men’s rights.

Every year, thousands of young fathers (sometimes moms as well) are destroyed and forced into poverty because of the draconian family courts and government collection agencies which relentlessly hunt down non-custodial parents until they are destroyed.

The amounts of child support reflected in Canada’s Child Support Tables has been proven to be a violation of basic human rights and based on fraud when they were produced.

Sadly, the testimony of this father is just the tip of a much more serious problem in Canada involving the family courts and child support collection agencies.

As the justice system in Canada destroys more and more of its own citizens, it will only be a matter of time until Canada will fall to its knees as a result of social upheaval these branches of government are causing.

Canada cannot be a strong and free country when…

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