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Being the queen of generalizations I am going out on a ledge.But hear me out. Even one of the columbine shooters was treated with an anxiety medication. Maybe we should see why the rates of asperger’s and autism are increasing? Maybe it could be as simple as the food we eat.(over processed). I say more love and understanding and having 2 parents would fix this sooner than gun legislation~Jan

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As an advocate for fathers against family court’s anti-father rulings. They unintentionally obscure the real tyranny that fathers face. Their pleas and actions play into complex morass that family court and its benefactors use as a smokescreen to cover its tyranny.

The family court is a far cry from its original version during our nation’s first century. Then, societal values made divorce and out-of-wedlock children rare. Fathers and mothers were held responsible for contracted obligations but not denied their parental rights and benefits. Society recognized both the fundamental rights of individuals and the importance of preserving the family because of the natural protection and incentives it afforded to its members – and to freedom from government intrusion into the family.

But the family court has, now, long been perverted into the family destruction business. It does so by denying fit fathers their parental rights to their own children – the…

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Parental Involvement in Education

children4justice Who Alienated - 2016To highlight the important role that PARENTS play in their children’s academic success, the Florida Department of Education is hosting a video contest for parents. We encourage you to participate in the contest and distribute the following information to other Florida parents.

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Parental Involvement in Education Video Contest


All Florida parents are encouraged to participate. Do you volunteer in your child’s classroom, create learning activities at home or come up with creative ways to stay involved? These are just a few ideas for your video entry.

Tell us in 45 seconds or less how you stay involved and engaged in your child’s education. Submit your video entry by tweeting the video (or video link) to http://www.twitter.com/educationfl @educationfl or posting the video on the department’s

Remember, videos do not have to be professional quality.

If you have any questions or concerns email the Florida Department of Education at communicationsoffice@fldoe.org

Central Florida Judge Orders UCF To Release Study On ‘Gay Parents’

Click on the image above to read the full article.HRC: Florida judge orders university to turn over records from study used to ‘demonize’ gay parentswww.facebook.com/groups/ChildrensRightsFlorida/

HRC reports that a Central Florida judge has ordered the University of Central Florida to turn over records related to a 2012 study by Mark Regnerus about gay and lesbian parents.

Regnerus is an associate professor of sociologyat the University of Texas at Austin.  Bilerico Project journalist John Becker sued UCF for the documents.

Becker on Tuesday wrote that “Mark Regnerus’s dubious and discredited New Family Structures Study falsely claimed to show that children of same-sex couples do worse than children raised by opposite-sex couples.”

Stop Family Court Civil Rights Violations - AFLA Blog2016Here is the HRC news release and the court opinion:

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Requesting Public Records

Ten practical tips for the Public Records Act requester

Florida has a well-deserved reputation for allowing the public access to most government records. But that reputation does not mean the right of access is always easy to assert. Here are ten practical tips that can help open up public records:

1. Put the request in writing.

Although the Public Records Act does not require that requests be submitted in writing, doing so provides real practical benefits to the requester (as long as he or she doesn’t mind that the request itself then becomes a public record). The benefits include eliminating uncertainty about what was sought and when. In fact, to make doubly sure a request is received, submit the same request two ways – for example, by U.S. Mail and facsimile. It’s unlikely an agency will lose both copies of the same request. Plus, a fax confirmation sheet proves the request was actually delivered at a particular time and date and to a particular fax number.

2. Ask to inspect unfamiliar or voluminous records.

The Public Records Act provides a statutory right to inspect records, not just to obtain copies. Don’t be too quick to reject the inspection option, particularly if the responsive records are voluminous or unfamiliar. It may be that you can save money, obtain a quick response, and understand the information you’re seeking better by inspecting originals before requesting copies.

3. Agree in advance to pay 15 cents per page for copies of records that are only a few pages.

Agencies have a statutory right to charge 15 cents per page for copies of most records. So, if you know the records being sought are only a couple of pages long – for example, a police report on a minor traffic accident – offer in your request letter to pay 15 cents per page for any copies. That agreement might make the agency more likely to respond by simply sending you the records instead of taking the time to contact you to see if you’ll pay for the copies.

4. Ask for a citation to any exemption.

The Public Records Act requires agencies to state the basis for any claim that requested records are exempt and to provide a statutory citation to the claimed exemption. Reminding the agency of that obligation will help to educate new employees who might not be familiar with the law and will show the agency that you’re familiar with your rights and the agency’s obligations.

5. Ask for a written explanation of a denial.

A requester has the right to a written statement explaining with particularity the reasons for a conclusion by the agency that the records are exempt. So every request letter ought to include language asking for such a written explanation.

6. Ask for a prompt acknowledgement and response.

The Public Records Act requires the agency to acknowledge requests promptly and to respond in good faith. It’s worth reminding the agency of that obligation.

7. Be willing to take one bite at a time.

If you expect the agency will have a lot of responsive records, consider starting with a narrow request and then making follow-up requests. For example, if you want to know how much a veteran politician uses a city-issued cell phone, you could start by asking for just last month’s bill, which is probably more easily accessible than every bill for the last twelve years. Then, if last month’s bill doesn’t answer your question, you can make a follow-up request.

8. Be willing to negotiate.

If an agency calls or writes in response to your request, pay careful attention to any explanation that’s given. It might be that the request was phrased in a way that didn’t describe the records the way the agency does. If so, it might help to rephrase your request. The law contains no limit on the number of requests that a person can make. So, if rephrasing a request will help the agency respond more quickly with the needed information, be willing to negotiate and, if necessary, to revise your request.

9. Make practice requests.

If you expect to deal with the same agency regularly and will sometimes need records in a hurry, consider making a practice request. For example, if you are a reporter covering a particular sheriff’s office, you might ask for reports concerning incidents at your home address. If you make the request politely and treat the agency’s employees courteously, the experience could smooth the way for the next request, when you might need another incident report more quickly.

10. Don’t give up!

Keep asking for the records even if the agency delays or doesn’t respond. Particularly if you deal with that agency often, a reputation for giving up easily might lead the agency to be even less helpful next time. Also, if agencies learn that requester take their access rights seriously, officials will be encouraged to be more open and accessible. And if that happens, we’re all better off.

Jim Lake is a media lawyer with the firm of Thomas & LoCicero in Tampa . He is also an adjunct professor at the Stetson University College of Law and a former journalist.First Amendment Foundation

Sample Public Records Request
Please note that a public records request does not have to be made in writing. However, should you want to make a written request, the following letters can be used as a model. Simply fill in the appropriate date, address, and salutation, and describe the records you are requesting.

Student Press Law Center Public Records Request Generator
This form is designed to help you create a simple letter. It asks you for all pertinent information and guides you through the options available. You can use this letter generator to request access to records held by a state or local government agency or body (e.g., public school district, city or campus police, state board of health, etc.). If you want to obtain records held by the federal government, we recommend using the letter generator offered by the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press.

Chapter 119: State Agencies and Local Governments

Rule 2.420: Court Records

Section 11.0431: Legislative Records

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Questioning If I am a Fit Parent?? A better question Is….Are You A Fit Lawyer??

Fighting Fathers of Florida  will begin a series on Garbage Attorneys – they will explore how their excesses harm our children, how the courts are complicit in allowing this to happen so that their fellow Florida Bar members can profit, and what YOU can do to stop it.

Exposé on South Florida’s

Garbage Family Law Lawyers

Exposé is defined ~

1. The act or an instance of bringing a scandal, crime, etc., to public notice.
2. (Communication Arts / Journalism & Publishing) an article, book, or statement that discloses a scandal, crime, etc.

“There is no crueler tyranny than that which is exercised under cover of law, and with the colors of justice ” 

– U.S. vs. Jannottie, 673 F.2d 578, 614 (3d Cir. 1982).

New Study Says Divorce Can Seriously Impact Men’s Health  —  www.huffingtonpost.com

Family “legal abuse” is the set of human rights violations that stem from an unethical, immoral, and unconstitutional presumption on the part of judges, attorneys, and legislators that one of the two parties in a divorce/separation must necessarily be treated with inequality.


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” ~ Margaret Mead

“Lawyers Fail to Give Clients All Options Available for Resolving Conflict.”

  —  Family Law Attorney, Mediator, Collaborative Divorce Practitioner / Author / Lecturer / Keynote Speaker

Lawyers Fail to Give Clients All Options Available for Resolving… huffingtonpost.com

As I like to remind people, you can only give what you have and teach what you know. If the legal community won’t embrace ADR, maybe an educated public can force the issue.



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Once again folks, you just can’t make this stuff up. For decades we’ve all wondered why lawyers lose their conscience, look the other way or undermine long overdue reforms to our justice system. Well, when a conscientious attorney, unblemished over 23 years, tried to do just that, his reform efforts were made subject to a succession of false claims by ethics lawyers masquerading as public watch dogs.


12th Circuit Court Judge Janette Dunnigan Moition to Disqualify


Courts empower alienation in divorce child custody battles when they deprive a parent of the ability to exercise their equal parental rights and time with their child. This leads to parental alienation syndrome a form of psychological child abuse.

The Good Men Project originally shared

I Overshare Because I Care —Accused of revealing too much, Aussie Reservoir Dad prefers disclosure over discretion  http://ht.ly/kEWzU

Family Courts

WLYB…………court-determined custody as not a right to parent one’s children but as the power to prevent the other partner from parenting.[37] Members of the fathers’ rights movement state that family courts are biased against fathers and shared custody.[38][39] Baskerville states that the outcome of divorce is overly one-sided and is initiated by mothers in more than two-thirds of cases – especially when children are involved. He also states that divorce provides advantages for women such as automatic custody of the children and financial benefits in the form of child support payments.[40] Members of the FR movement also state that family courts are slow to help fathers enforce their parental rights,[41] expensive and time-consuming.[42]

Dr. Stephen Baskerville has also stated that family courts are secretive, censoring and punitive towards fathers who criticize them.[37] He also claims that employees and activists within the courts support and benefit from the separation of children from their parents[43] and that family law today represents civil rights abuses and intrusive perversion of government power.[44]

Meanwhile in California Family Court System…

Towards the end check out this video a brave 11 year old girl is speaking to Judge Sullivan about how she has had not contact with her siblings!  Get a box of kleenix! When a Parent wins in Family Courts KIDS LOSE - 2016

Men Matter

Why Men Matter

I don’t envy men these days. For the first time in our nation’s history, a uterus may be perceived as more valuable than a penis. Recent articles have painted a devastating picture of the current state of America’s men, from their earning potential to their downright relevance.

The Great Recession has pushed a once-solid economic landscape right out from under millions of working- and middle-class men, leaving them jobless. The imploding economy has smacked men significantly harder than women, eliminating typically male-dominated jobs like manufacturing and construction. Three-quarters of all jobs lost have been lost by men.

The news only gets worse. Guys are also losing significant ground in education. Women now earn 60 percent of all master’s degrees, about half of all law and medical degrees and 42 percent of all MBA degrees. But most worrisome is that a whopping 60 percent of all college graduates are women. Where are the men?Men's Conference 2016

While working mothers still earn less than working fathers, in big cities, young, single, childless women earn 8 percent more than their male peers. That’s right. Two generations after “Mad MenPeggy Olson would be making more than Ken Cosgrove. Undereducated and underemployed, men do take the lead in other areas — violence, crime, substance abuse and suicide. It’s no wonder that the media has picked up on a disturbing theme: men seem to be on a perplexing downward spiral.

Is the very core of American manhood at risk?

Newsweek‘s September 27 cover story “Man Up” concludes that masculinity needs to be reworked. It’s time to shuck outdated models of manliness. This, I think, is a good thing. The economic reality with more women today in the labor force than men means that the old school notions of family responsibility and parental duties should be shifting as well. And they are.

Flexibility at work is no longer just a woman’s issue. According to a study published last year in the Harvard Business Review, recent college graduates of both sexes see flexible work arrangements as a top priority. Now our legislators need to catch up. Around the world, paid paternity leave is not only offered but nearly mandated. In Sweden, couples lose a month of their 390-day paid leave unless the father takes time off too. Shockingly, the United States is the only industrialized country without federally mandated paid maternity leave. So the fact that we’re flirting with paid leave for dads to bond with their babies is almost revolutionary — and apparently is drumming up significant support. According to the Newsweek article, programs are underway in New Jersey, Washington and California to offer partially paid paternity leave.

So perhaps the ailing economy has created the perfect storm for the modern man to undergo a machismo makeover. But at the end of the day, what do women really want in a man?

Look to the surveys and articles in women’s magazines and we’ll find the schizophrenic conflict.

Women still want their men fierce in the bedroom and the boardroom. But we also want them emotionally available and slightly vulnerable. They should be able to change a flat tire and a dirty diaper. We want them to make money and make the world a better place. We want them not only home for dinner and but home making dinner with us. Women want men to fully share in the responsibilities of parenthood, but that doesn’t mean moms want the dads at home full time. Women don’t want to bring home the bacon solo. Perhaps this is why the number of stay-at-home dads still hovers at around 3 percent.

Interestingly, the new round of doom and gloom articles like Atlantic Magazine’s The End of Men,” also paint a sunny picture for women. As men are flailing, women are thriving.

But it depends where you look. The lowest income communities in America have become virtual matriarchies nearly devoid of men. Single women are raising children and struggling to make ends meet. The number of fatherless kids in America has nearly tripled since 1960.

If you want to see an extreme identity shift happening to the American macho male, look no further than Newark, New Jersey. The men in Newark’s Fathers Now program are redefining themselves and embracing their role as parents. Gang banging is out, pushing strollers is in. The eight-week program takes ex-cons and tries to make them into better fathers to keep them from going back to prison. The program is part of Mayor Booker’s progressive anti-crime measures to lower the recidivism rate in the city of Newark and turn these guys into modern family men.

The bottom line is that we women need our men. Moms and kids all benefit when a guy has a good job, comes home for dinner and voluntarily does the dishes.

Source: Why Men Matter – Huffington Post