An Open Letter To Mothers With Daughter’s

It’s time to break this cycle. Our children’s future depends on it.

Today, I want to focus on women who are in the midst of a divorce/ potential custody battle with the father who wants to co parent in a shared custody arrangement. I also want to talk about women who date emotionally unavailable men, who also find themselves constantly in a relationship with men who mistreat them. There is a reason for this. If you think you have just had a string of really bad luck, then my wish is that you take the time you truly deserve, and ask yourself why you are stuck in this cycle, of choosing men who hurt or reject you.

Dear Mothers of Daughter’s,

Before reading my article today, I want you to go back in memory to your childhood, and ask yourself, what kind of man was your father? We will come back to this a little later.

The reality is if you are reading this, half of you, grew up in a divorced home.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where the divorce rate succeeds marriage. Children often become the victims…

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Hatred. It has to be taught.

I’m not the best Father in the world, but I’m yours.

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This blog will tell you about the growing family crisis throughout the Western world. It will concentrate on the increasingly dangerous divorce machinery being operated by Western governments, as described in my recent book,

Taken Into Custody: The War Against Fathers, Marriage, and the Family   (Cumberland House, 2007).

I will continue publicizing these abuses in established, mainstream publications (see more than 80 published articles and studies on my internet site). But I also want to highlight here the increasingly totalitarian trajectory of the divorce regime, which I don’t think is being emphasized adequately by others.0e907-afla2bcauses2bto2bblog2b4-2b2015

What Frederick Douglass once observed of the slave power’s menacing expansion throughout the political system can now be seen in the cancerous spread of the divorce machinery: It is “advancing, poisoning, corrupting, and perverting the institutions of the country, growing more and more haughty, imperious, and exacting.

Radio Interviews on Taken Into Custody  ~~  Over the next few weeks I will be doing a series of radio interviews based on my book Taken Into Custody. These are arranged with help from a generous benefactor with the cooperation of the American Coalition for Fathers and Children (ACFC). The firm helping with arrangements, Spence Media, report that “your topic really hit a cord” with producers, and they are eager to have me on. This indicates that we should be much more aggressive in pursuing media for our cause. The media and the public are sympathetic and anxious to hear our message.

10 Custody Myths and How to Counter Them

Any attorney who represents clients in custody matters will recognize at least SOME of the following unfounded clichés about domestic violence and custody.

Here are some resources that the ABA Commission on Domestic Violence provides for practitioners to use when representing victims of domestic violence.

Domestic violence is rare among custody litigants.

IN TRUTH : Studies show that 25-50% of disputed custody cases involve domestic violence.

Ref: S.L. Keilitz, National Center for State Courts, Domestic Violence and Child Custody Disputes: A Resource Handbook for Judges and Court Managers (1997); J.R. Johnston, High-Conflict Divorce , 4 Future of Children 165 (1994).

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