Rant About Disgraceful Family Law Attorneys

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If you have been through divorce then you are familiar with the rules and procedures that govern the legal process of divorce. Divorce is a civil action, and every state has rules of civil procedure that are supposed to be followed during the divorce process.

What you don’t hear about — but have probably fallen victim to — are the unwritten rules. These are the rules that define how judges and lawyers conduct themselves with each other.

These unwritten rules can have more to do with the outcome of a divorce case than the written rules.

It’s my opinion that when it comes to the family court system, the only interests served are those of divorce lawyers and family court Judges.7eefc-family2blaw2b-2bfathers2band2bfamilies

When Lawyers and Judges Cover For Each Other

Most judges and lawyers will not report each other for misconduct or violations of judicial ethics. Judges especially can get away with bad behavior, because lawyers don’t want to get on a judge’s bad side. Lawyers know they will go before the judge again, and staying chummy with the judge can be more important than their client getting a high standard of care in a lot of situations.

I have a close friend who took her ex-spouse back to court seven times in an attempt to collect child support. She has a court order that he pay a certain amount per month and her attorney requested the judge sign anincome withholding order so that her ex spouse’s wages could be garnished.

It has been two years since her last court appearance and she is still waiting for the judge to sign the income withholding order and still living with her ex slow leaking child support payments to her at his whim.

What has her attorney done? Nothing, he is afraid of “pissing off the judge.” And, according to her attorney pissed off judges take out their anger on attorneys and their clients.  I witnessed this happen during my own divorce and have heard story after story from men and women who were held hostage by attorneys who were afraid of damaging their relationship with a judge.

Attorneys who refused to file motions or petitions that would get the court involved and a client’s problem solved out of fear of “pissing off the judge.”

In my friends case there are legal avenues open to her attorney but he refuses to take action because staying on the judge’s good side is more important than his fiduciary duty to his client.

Therein lies one of the major problems with the Family Court System. How can the system hold an ex spouse accountable when lawyers and judges can’t or won’t hold themselves and each other accountable?

Decipher Federally Subsidized State Child Support Rackets

Bring parents together for change and stronger family law legislation.

Violence and Crime linked to fatherlessness - 2015

We’re asking for stronger child visitation enforcement laws by the State of Florida.

As an Elected Official you have the power to correct, enforce and ensure that agencies the State has appointed, especially ALL Florida Law Enforcement Agencies to take action in accordance with the “Existing” Florida Statute on Visitation Interference of court ordered Timesharing (Visitation) with severity. This is not a Family Court matter.

This is NOT a Custody Battle Issue, IT”S a Child Protection Issue”.

Aforementioned agencies after identifying the party responsible for interference be held criminally accountable and not be allowed to walk away from emotionally abusing their children.

Hold family, friends, acquaintances, and or employers/employees accountable for not reporting the emotionally abusing parent and or falsifying documents.

We’re asking for legislation to get tough on alienating-deadbeat abusing parents and get the children the support they deserve.

We are voters, our families are voters, our friends are voters, and we will make sure this election our voices as voters will be heard. The time is now for Statues to be written to support our children and enforce their right’s and protect our future.

Lawson E. Thomas Courthouse Center 175 NW First Avenue Miami, Florida 33128

Lawson E. Thomas Courthouse Center 175 NW First Avenue Miami, Florida 33128

It’s time to take Child Support Title IVD to the equal justice Supreme Court!

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SUPPORT OUR CAUSE – Children’s Rights

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It’s time to reform a child-support system that damages families

…by pushing men into underground economy

Hurting dads, hurting kids

No you can't see your daughter - 2016

Imagine this: You’re a single man in your 20s, in Baltimore, with an eighth-grade education and two young children. You’ve just served three years in jail for a nonviolent crime, such as selling marijuana.

While you were in jail — earning no income — your child-support obligations continued to accrue, leaving you $22,000 in arrears upon your release. This number (the average total amount owed by a noncustodial parent who is currently or formerly incarcerated, according to the Family Welfare Research and Training Group at the University of Maryland School of Social Work) amounts to more than you’ve earned legitimately in your entire lifetime.

In Baltimore, the collection of child support has been outsourced to a private, for-profit company, a subsidiary of Maximus Corp., whose website lauds its ability to “improve collections.” This incentivizes a zero-tolerance approach to child-support enforcement, despite research indicating that certain well-defined arrearages will never be collected. In addition, the hidden cost of this merciless and relentless collection process on the underclass of Baltimore is rarely discussed. It results in substantial detriment to young men’s lives and thwarts their participation in the formal labor force.

Family Court is Traumatic - 2016

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