Rick Scott is a complete retard even for an elected political Hero!

Rick Scott Just Sold Men and Children Out to Protect “Women’s Superiority” in Divorce Court!

– Men’s Views Magazine

Last Friday witnessed the death of one of the most significant pieces of family law legislation to come across his desk in two years. Now fathers and children will have to pay the price for Scott’s fear of the extreme leftist-feminist in his state.

Rick Scott vetoed the combined shared parenting and alimony reform law based on the false pretense that this law would hurt children. According to the Miami Herald,

He said he was troubled by a provision in the bill (SB 668) that would require judges to begin divorce proceedings with a premise that both parents are entitled to approximately equal time with their children. Scott said that would put “the wants of a parent before the child’s best interest by creating a premise of equal time-sharing,” a decision that he said should be left to judges.

Anyone who has taken even one child development course knows the best environment for children is with his or her mother and father playing significant daily roles. Many studies report that children fair much better when children spend equal time with both parents.

The real reason why Gov. Scott vetoed the bill had everything to do with money. Divorced mothers would be loosing a great deal of child support with the new shared custody structure.

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“Reckless Disregard” A True And Compelling Story About One Father’s Fight

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What is reckless disregard?

Definition and Meaning

Conscious and indifferent disregard of others’ reputation or rights, or the dangerous consequences of one’s action. In defamation cases, the defendant’s malicious intent is judged against the standard of ‘reckless disregard for truth.’

The legal concepts of willful, wanton and reckless negligence on the one hand, and intentional conduct on the other are difficult to define and difficult to distinguish from each other.justice-denied-no-jury-in-family-courts-2016Logo 2- 2016

Stand Up For Zoraya

An update about the campaign to: Petition the Florida 11th Judicial Circuit to STOP the Family Court’s Denial of Reasonable Parent/Child Contact ~

Florida 11th Judicial Circuit Chief Honorable Judge Soto

At the time of starting this petition, I have not seen my 8 year old daughter since January 24th, 2015. I have been unable to even speak on the phone with my daughter.

I have research many other father’s experiences and it this is a GLOBAL issue.

At a time when mothers are crying out for fathers to play a more proactive part in their children’s lives, there are genuine fathers who want to have a ‘normal’, happy life with their children and yet are unable to do that. After a breakup, fathers can face years of costly legal battling, on top of paying extortionate child support fees and there is no one to enforce a mother into giving up her children to be with the father for any length of time.

If a father withholds the access of a mother to her children, he can be arrested and charged with Child abduction and Kidnap. When a mother does the same against the father of the children, there are NO laws to stop her from doing this. As a result, many good fathers suffer depression, anxiety and emotional stress that can lead to loss of work, self harming and even suicide. In short, it has a devastating effect on us all.Dear Zoraya 2 - 2015

Children NEED and deserve to have BOTH parents in their lives, the balance needs to be equal. Fathers should not be punished and branded and made to feel inadequate because a relationship with their former partner has deteriorated.

We are honest fathers, not drunks, drug users, nor ‘deadbeat’. All we want is to share in the upbringing of our children, be part of their lives, and have it enforced when our children are held against us as if for ransom.

Men’s rights, children’s rights, Parental Alienation, Hostile-aggressive Parenting, depression, suicide, anxiety, delinquency, antisocial behavior disorders – ALL of these are the results of an unbalanced family law system.

Petition and Legal Pleading to the: “Florida Family Court of Miami-Dade, Florida DEMANDING they STOP Denial of Reasonable Parent/Child Contact – Stand Up For Zoraya”

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Saddest thing in the world - 2016

Stand Up For Zoraya

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