Studies prove that dads involvement is essential to their children

concerned-citizens-for-family-law-reform-201711The Children’s Movement of Florida: Dads’ Involvement Essential to Children’s Future

Pediatricians have a message for fathers:

You’re more important to your child’s health and well-being than you — and we — might have realized.

After assessing more than a decade’s worth of psychological and sociological research, the American Academy of Pediatrics has issued a new report about fatherhood and the things doctors can do to help the nation’s 70 million dads reach their full parenting potential.

Fathers aren’t just back-ups for moms. Their presence in their children’s lives is beneficial in and of itself.

For instance, a 2012 study in the journal Development and Psychopathology looked at pairs of sisters who had differing levels of father involvement. Researchers found that the chances of teen pregnancy and other early sexual experiences were lower for daughters who spent more quality time with their dads.

A review of multiple studies found that kids who grew up spending time with their fathers were less likely to have behavioral and psychological problems. They were also more likely to be independent, intelligent and have improved social awareness.

“The role of fathers, and fatherhood, is in the process of changing,” said Raymond Levy, a clinical psychologist and executive director of the Fatherhood Project at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Traditional roles are merging, with moms spending more time in the workplace and dads spending more at home.

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A fathers plea for help: I LOVE My Daughter!


Any lawyer, judge, mental health professional, or caseworker who has any involvement in the Family Court is aware that one of the most devastating issues we face is that of Parental Alienation.

The definition of Alienation to make hostile where previous friendship had existed. Experts have devoted considerable scholarship and research to this topic because it is one of the most difficult problems to address.

Parents alienate their children from the other parent by aligning with them, sharing information which is often bias and untrue, with the children with the sole purpose of having a child reject the other parent. The judicial system has very few tools to fix this problem especially with adolescence who are taking positions based on the emotional burden placed on them by a parent.

To say that they want to see one parent would place them in direct opposition to the other parent who has convinced them that that parent they want to see is the enemy.

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Fight Corrupted Family Courts and CPS

Family Law Court discriminates against Men as cargivers You have always been a voice for those who need it, there are millions of families being torn apart by the Family Law Court System.. PLEASE HELP.

I am a father. Not a deadbeat, not a coward, not a man that runs away from being a father, or a deserter of my own flesh and blood.Not a sperm donor or a court appointed ATM, but a Father in the purest form of the word.And while choosy “Moms choose Jif”, I sit, at 3:05 am holding the hot hands of a sick 7 year old princess.But that’s my job. Because I am a father. I would speak to my daughter while she was in utero. She would respond with little kicks and from the womb.. we interacted, and hadn’t even seen each other yet..When you immediately accept that, even before your child takes…

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