Is Your Judge On The Top 10 Corruption List?

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Judge James K. Eby, Oswego County Family Court, Oswego, NY

Administrator’s Note: This is the third of a three-part series we call the “Turkey Trilogy.” It is designed to protect all litigants from corrupt judges. You should subscribe to our Parenting Rights Institute if you have any case in any court impacting your children.

With all our uncompensated work exposing court corruption over the years, we have neither the resources nor the time to make this publication viral. We leave that to you, our fellow victims, tortured as you must be during the holidays. So kindly make good therapy of your time by sending this out to the world.

Send it to fellow victims so they don’t feel “crazy” for lodging legitimate complaints to these useless state judicial commissions. E-mail a copy to your representative in Congress or state legislature, an oversight committee, good government group, your lawyer, media, even…

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Family Court Watchdog Report Delivered to Leaders at Joe Bruno Booksigning in New York City

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By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

As the ever proliferating reform groups come and go across the country, Parenting Rights Institute (PRI) perseveres based on action. Over the years, we have lobbied Congress, sponsored conferences, litigated test cases, interacted with prominent officials, exposed corruption, testified before government commissions, produced video documentaries, authored books for court victims, submitted reports to oversight committees and Justice Department, networked with fellow advocates and conducted rallies or news conferences at the Supreme Court, federal appeals court in Manhattan and other key locations.

Now we are taking our proven services to the next level with a public interest summary and action plan to solidify our position as a watchdog enterprise for America’s divorce and family court industry. You can pontificate and engage yourselves in useless keyboard exchanges from the comfort of your homes, but the sad truth is that no one is paying you the…

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Letter To Mothers With Daughter

An Open Letter To Mothers With Daughter9cb2b-pledge2

The Tallahassee Thousand ~ Mark Your Calendars

We will be standing up and speaking up for our children.the-people-who-think-they-are-crazy-enought-to-change-the-world-are-the-ones-who-do

Children need both parents! Stronger Families & Stronger Children Build Stronger Communities

Bring your parents, grandparents, children, friends and family.

We will be 1,000 strong in Tally!!!

About the Venue — Saturday, November 5 at 9 AM – 6 PM

Stronger Families & Stronger Children Build Stronger Communities 

We are Fathers helping Fathers. We are parents helping parents. We are advocates dedicated to bringing a change to end fatherlessness in Florida.


The Dysfunctional Family Court System Organizational Chart:dysfunctional-family-courts-2015

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…and no longer allow Family Courts to “Courtnap” a child for one parent;Parental Alienation - 2016

Or allow CPS to kidnap and murder our children?

Why is it so important we reform Family Law?

The Pink Slip Project - 2016

Why these problems constitute a sophisticated form of Racketeering, something a friend of mine recently named the “cartel of Family Courts”?florida-families-united-childrens-rights-florida-2017-8-1024

votefamily-us-2015112Over twenty people testified of the complete dysfunction of our family courts in Miami and all across the state of Florida:

LRSP Public Meeting Miami-Dade February 23, 2015 — from The Florida Courts 

+ More details


A corruption that is killing our children here and around the world:


Here in Florida, the number of children who have died under the mafia of the Family Court system is increasing at an alarming rate. Count went from 490 to 533 (+6 in a matter of days) in only a few months:

Thank you Miami Herald for standing up for our children.

We must unite to put an end to this madness.
If you are tired of seeing innocent children die under the care of the family court system, help us Raise Hell, and stand up for them.

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Petition to Governor Rick Scott ~ Please sign Florida’s Family Law Reform Bill

when it comes to you for your signature!

Support the people and causes that inspire you.

Campaign to make a difference.

A message from the campaign
Children’s Rights and Family Law Reform

Florida Alimony Reform legislation will finally bring structure and order to our broken and outdated permanent alimony and family court laws.

     For the first time ever in our state, the parties to a divorce will have formal guidelines (much like how Child Support is efficiently handled in Florida) that will outline the amount and duration of alimony awards. There will also be protection for our children to keep them from becoming “money chips” that predatory litigating divorce attorneys use for their own financial gain. 

     Our proposal also provides for significant judicial discretion to allow our Judges to address those unique situations that require an “outside the norm” solution.

     Alimony Reform bills are all about fairness, predictability, and preserving judicial discretion to protect all of Florida’s families.

LETTER TO  Florida Governor Rick Scott – Florida Governor

Dear Governor Scott:

I am writing to you in support of Alimony Reform legislation in Florida.

This bipartisan and gender-neutral legislation will finally rein in the inconsistencies and abuses in alimony awards that have plagued our Family Court system for years all across the state.

For far too long, the divorce attorney lobby has handsomely profited from the perpetual litigation associated with our woefully outdated laws here in Florida. Permanent alimony equates to permanent litigation. That is why the main opposition to this bill in the past has been spearheaded by the Family Law Section of The Florida Bar. Predatory litigating divorce attorneys who enjoy a handsome living preying on the misery of families in crisis just didn’t want the “gravy train” of endless legal fees to end.

However, in 2015, even the Family Law Section realized the long overdue need to fix these outdated laws, and they now publicly support passage of the alimony reform provisions we have proposed!

With your support and signature, the nightmare and injustice of permanent alimony will finally end in Florida!

Our legislators have heard our hundreds of horrific stories of abuse at the hands of an unbridled legal system in the Family Court and they have responded with an overwhelming vote of support for our cause. I would respectfully ask that you do the same.

I would ask for your support in signing Representative Colleen Burton and Senator Kelli Stargel’s Alimony Reform Legislation into law for all of our families and our children once it arrives on your desk after a solid bipartisan mandate from both Chambers of the Florida State Legislature during the 2015 legislative session!

Thank you in advance for standing on the side of Florida’s families!

Source: Petition · Governor Rick Scott: Please sign Florida’s Alimony Reform Bill when it comes to you for your signature! ·

Want to show your support for the alimony reform legislation in Florida? Check out this petition: 

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Secret Courts In Florida – Judicial Watch

Judges in Florida have for years created secret dockets to hide the court cases of the rich and famous and now the state’s Supreme Court Chief Justice wants to end the unorthodox practice that he calls un-American.

English: Logo of Broward County, Florida

Broward County, Florida (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Several counties throughout the state have a so-called secret judiciary, but Broward County in South Florida takes the cake with more than 400 divorce, negligence, malpractice and civil-fraud cases and an unknown number of criminal cases hidden from public view in Circuit Court since 1989. Many of those civil cases involved politicians, judges, lawyers, police officers or prominent businessmen.

Courts in Palm Beach, Hillsborough, Sarasota, Pinellas and Pasco counties have also hidden cases in the Sunshine State. This conflicts with two of the most basic tenets of this country’s judicial system; that courts are always open to the public and that they provide equal treatment to all. It is precisely why Chief Justice Fred Lewis is working to outlaw the practice.

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Fighting For Florida Sunshine

justice-denied-no-jury-in-family-courts-2016A Promise to Others

fam2211With great interest, I read Alec Baldwin’s book, A Promise to Ourselves, which is anything but flattering to all of those who work within the family law community — its lawyers, judges, and court-ordered therapists. Baldwin makes many claims: among them, that the “American family law system has degenerated into a disgraceful mess…” And though he says, “…this book is not an indictment of all attorneys and the legal profession,” the reader is left to wonder.

greedBaldwin draws an analogy of what it is like to get a divorce, aiming this next remark toward the professionals who work in the family law field: “When someone is sick, our society usually offers some means of care. The sick individual reaches out to professionals who arrive with their skills and training at the ready, prepared to solve the problem. When illness afflicts a marriage,” he goes on to say, “the professionals who arrive on the scene often are there to prolong the bleeding, not to stop it. To be pulled into the American family law system,” he writes, “…is like being tied to the back of a pickup truck and dragged down a gravel road late at night.”

Contact Denial is Child Abuse - 2016As he rails against the system, on nearly every page of the book’s Introduction and throughout many pages in the subsequent chapters, he contends that “the problem lies not only with antagonistic lawyers who perpetuate conflict, but also with the judges who sit idly by and do nothing to rein them in.” He says about his own lawyers in their failure to educate him as to what he should expect: “They provided little information, and even much of that was irrelevant to the questions I asked. They were inside a system, an inefficient, corrupt, amoral system, and they wanted to be left to work that system with as little interference from me as possible.”

Baldwin also tells the reader that divorce is now a $28-billion dollar industry in the United States and that “family law is a racket.” He also says “the battle between couples with deep pockets and lingering, unresolved personal issues becomes the Super Bowl for divorce attorneys.” Moreover, he flatly states, “Family law in most states has become its own preserve, one in which litigants come and go while the principal players remain the same. Those players, not the families whose fates are determined by this system, are the ones who profit from protecting the status quo.” As if to level a gavel with concluding thoughts along those lines, he finishes with: “We have, I believe, a system designed to line the pockets of these principals.”cropped-votefamily-1-banner

Angry words from an angry man.

Though I take umbrage at his nasty accusations toward all those with whom I work in the family law community — those who, for the most part, do their level best to help individuals who find it necessary to go their separate ways do so as undamaged as possible — I truly understand the frustration and pain he must have felt (and probably still does). Yes, I do feel for Alec Baldwin. I am sure many of those in the “system” he disparages probably feel the same way I do, because we are very much aware of how wrenching “divorce” pain is and how exhausting thedivorce process can be. His stuff is the kind of stuff we deal with every single day.dysfunctional-family-courts-2015

Some days, it gets to us.

But what Baldwin does not get is that those of us who practice family law, and those who adjudicate cases, and those who treat couples and children in a therapeutic sense through the courts, lay awake many nights fretting over the welfare of those whom we seek to help, especially the children that have become entangled in their parents‘ contentious messes.

What Baldwin fails to realize is that the very people he condemns are those that work hard within a system whose primary goal, day in and day out, is to treat parents and their children fairly. What he also may not fully realize is that more members than not of the family law bench in Los Angeles, along with the steady support and cooperation of the family law bar — the attorneys — are dogged in their pursuit to try to improve the way the system works. And it has improved in Los Angeles immensely since I started practicing family law 25 years ago, in many ways. For example, today, the courts’ preferred approach to custody — notwithstanding any extenuating circumstances, such as abuse or misconduct of a parent to a child, or a parent that has moved away — is a 50-50 proposition. The judicial officers then work backwards from that premise to devise the best parenting plan they can devise to benefit all parties. It did not used to be that way. Baldwin is lucky.

In fact, he is really lucky, because in some states, there are courts that would have shown little mercy toward a father who had left such a scathing message on his child’s voicemail — a message that left many of us to ponder: If it looks likes a duck, and walks like a duck…

“All behavior is consistent,” according to Baldwin’s recollection of what his parenting class therapist, Jane Shatz, (whom he regards as “one of the heroes of the story”) said to him.7eefc-family2blaw2b-2bfathers2band2bfamilies

Yes, I also find that to be true through my dealings with both men and women going through divorce.

I applaud Baldwin for wanting to share his divorce experience in what I believe is a sincere attempt to preclude others from suffering the same anguish. When he steps away from the rant against the legal community, he does attempt to help the Promise reader: his book is a long list of admonishments. Some of his advice is prudent; other points are off-base or what I consider misleading. For example, he suggests that court evaluators be “assigned blind, by judges from a pool of therapists”. I think I speak for many of us in the “system” when I say that, no, it is better to choose an evaluator best suited to the case, if you can.

There are points he covers in the book — points for which he could have included more detail, fuller explanation, and a more balanced rationale.

I am not suggesting that some of Baldwin’s complaints in his Promise book lack merit. For instance, does the family law court have its flaws? It does. Is the system overcrowded? Absolutely. Are evaluations sometimes slow in coming? Yes. Are more courtrooms needed to unclog the system — a system that is constantly backed up? Certainly. Are there some judges who ought not to be on the bench, and court-appointed personnel that fall short of what should be expected of them? Yes.

As to the flaws and congestion, the bench and the bar work tirelessly to refine and improve the system. Do we need more mental-health professionals to do custody evaluations; absolutely. But one needs a special constitution to do that type of work, and thus the pickings are slim. Although there are a few judicial officers who have not found their calling in family law or are burned out, the vast majority are hardworking, caring individuals who are willing to make far less money than being an attorney and who are sincerely motivated to help families and children in crisis. Indeed, I would stack up our California family law statutory and case law as well as our judicial officers and practitioners against any other group in the country. Our system is not perfect, but it is darn good and hopefully getting better. With mediation and Collaborative Divorce assuming an ever greater role “in the family law system”, those going through a divorce have choices as to how to proceed. And as mediation and Collaborative Divorce become even more popular, the family law courts should become less congested and, therefore, more available to those who need the court system.

Baldwin winds down his book ticking off the promises he has broken and promises he has made. He says, “I promised myself that I would write this book, to help people better understand the terrible and unnecessary pain that the divorce industry inflicts on those people who have had the bad fortune to enter this world.”

Interestingly, I made a promise to my readers when writing my book, Divorce: It’s All About Control — How to Win the Emotional, Psychological, and Legal Wars, in the hopes that people like Baldwin could stave off and/or deal productively with some of the battles that ensue during the divorce process. Its core message is to let the reader know, if he/she is struggling through divorce (and most people are), that they are likely dealing with a power struggle — a problem where control is either an issue or at issue. It also tries to help the reader take a closer look at him/herself to see what he/she may be doing to perpetuate the divorce wars, stay mired in the process, or carry the frustration and anger forward, long after he/she should have moved on. What I found during my research — and through my many years as a family law attorney — is that those who point the finger at others around them (e.g., it is always someone’s else’s fault) are often the ones who are most out of control. And Baldwin does a great deal of finger-pointing.

It sounds as though much of Baldwin’s grousing comes as a result of what it has cost him financially. In so many words, and in so many places throughout the book, he continues to bring up the subject, most particularly in reference to fees divorce attorneys are paid. When discussing the costs he incurred while dealing with what he says was parental alienation against him, “…judges in Los Angeles do not have the guts to stand up to the rapacious lawyers who line their pockets at the expense of men and women victimized by this very real syndrome.” This is not to say that one (or both parents) does not try to brainwash their child against the other parent. Whether you call that fact pattern parental alienation or something else, such bad behavior absolutely does occur. But who is Baldwin to say that the judge (all judges?) in Los Angeles are gutless when dealing with the family law bar and, thus, turn a blind eye to parents who are, in essence, abusing their children?

If that is Baldwin’s point of view, many of us practicing in family law, and the judges who worked for meager pay while on the bench (and who have gone on to serve as a “rent-a-judge” subsequently making the money they so deserve), should similarly resent the high salaries Baldwin is typically paid for his roles on television and in film. The difference is: if we do not like how the film or show turns out, we do not begrudge Baldwin for what he was paid to do his job, just as he should not blame any of us for charging for our skills and abilities, for our hard work, just because his “divorce show” did not turn out the way he thought it would or should.

Stacy D. Phillips is a co-founder of Phillips Lerner, A Law Corporation, which specializes in high-profile family law matters. She is co-chair of the Women’s Political Committee and a member of Divorce Magazine‘s North American Advisory Board. She can be reached at (310) 277-7117. View her firm’s Divorce Magazine profile here.

Stacy D Phillips reacts to defend the legal professions after reading Alec Baldwin‘s book “A Promise to Ourselves“. NOTE: This article is the perspective of the author and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of Read more.

By Stacy D. Phillips
December 09, 2008

– See more at:

President Obama’s Fatherhood Pledge

Take The President's Fatherhood Pledge

Fatherlessness is a growing crisis in America, one that under girds many of the challenges that families are facing. When dads aren’t around, young people are more likely to drop out of school, use drugs, be involved in the criminal justice system, and become young parents themselves.

President Obama grew up without his dad, and has said that being a father is the most important job he has. That’s why the President is joining dads from across the nation in a fatherhood pledge – a pledge that we’ll do everything we can to be there for our children and for young people whose fathers are not around.

National Responsible Fatherhood ClearinghouseWhen you take the President’s Fatherhood Pledge, you’ll receive updates, tips and resources from fatherhood organizations, prominent dads and other supporters of responsible fatherhood around the nation.

via National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouseolympic-chains-ad

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 Children’s Rights 

Children Need Both Parents a Video by David Herbert 

Kids Deserve Justice STOP Unjustified Contact Denial

Just as the “Family” is the foundation of society, the Father-Mother relationship is the foundation of the family; consequently, strengthening Mother-Father relationships can only lead to stronger families, children and communities, as well as a stronger economy.

Children thrive with the active involvement of both parents. Children and parents should be encouraged to spend substantial time with each other regardless of the parents’ present relationship status. I realize and recognize that absent issues of abuse, neglect or abandonment, social and government policy must be structured in such a way as to promote and maximize the opportunity of all parents to contribute to the social, emotional, intellectual, physical, moral and spiritual development of their children.

absolute right for childrenThe Children’s Rights Blog was formed to give PARENT’S an outlet for support and to share their stories. These are not “PARENTS” who are out to avoid financial obligations or to ignore their children. These are PARENTS who are heart-sick, worried, scared and frustrated by not being able to spend time with their children. These are PARENTS who are fighting desperately for normal every day contact with their children.your-worth-the-fight-2016

Nothing in this message or the group’s archives should be considered legal advise. We provide to the general public and our website visitors information as a means to further their online legal research. All posted articles and any answers provided are merely suggestions and should not be regarded as legal advice. Please consult an attorney for that stuff because they claim to know these things and will happily charge you a lot of money for sharing their knowledge and experience.

– A child has the right to:

• A continuing relationship with both parents.

• Be treated not as a piece of property, but as a human being recognized to have unique feelings, ideas, and desires consistent with that of an individual.

Continuing care and proper guidance from each parent.

• Not to be unduly influenced by either parent to view the other parent differently.

Express love, friendship, and respect for both parents: freedom from having to hide those stated emotions or made to be ashamed of such.

• An explanation that the impending action of divorce was in no way caused by the child’s actions.

• Not to be the subject and/or source of any and all arguments.

• Continuing, honest feedback with respect to the divorce process and its impact on the changing relationships of the family.

• Maintain regular contact with both parents and a clear explanation for any change in plans and/or cancellations.

• Enjoy a pleasurable relationship with both parents, never to be employed as a manipulative bargaining tool.

• The obligation of being a parent does not end after a divorce. It is extremely important to understand that the bond of marriage is completely different from that of parents. This is the most common down fall in today’s society, as a dissolution of marriage takes place so does that of parenting.



Children’s Rights

Family Court System Reform – Revamp Laws That Damage Families and Only Benefit Matrimonial Lawyers and Court “Experts” Families & Children are being devastated by family court system greed. Over 120,000 families per year are bankrupted by predatory matrimonial attorneys and the family court system through self serving laws and court rules.

Stop Court Ordered Parental Alienation and Judicial Misconduct

”This crime of parental alienation at the hands of our court system…  

 Here are OUR current campaigns ~


The Florida Supreme Court assembled a panel of 4 Judges in Miami on February 23rd, 2015.   11th Judicial Circuit Chief Judge Honorable Bertila Soto was there. So were a host of other Judges from the 17th Judicial Circuit and 3rd DCA. 


Let’s Join Purple Keyboard Campaign 4 Family Justice Reform!

Let us make the politicians and media aware of all the knowledge we have of Family Court and Child Protection

Adopt Uniform Parenting Time Guidelines ~

Repeal Inconsistent Rules and Presumptions – Ask the Family Court to adopt uniform rules requiring equal parenting time.

“Children of never-married mothers are more than twice as likely to have been treated for an emotional or behavioral problem.” Source: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, National Center for Health Statistics, National Health Interview Survey, Hyattsille, MD, 1988

Mother Teresa - Causes - 2015“Father hunger ” often afflicts boys age one and two whose fathers are suddenly and permanently absent. Sleep disturbances, such as trouble falling asleep, nightmares, and night terrors frequently begin within one to three months after the father leaves home. Source: Alfred A. Messer, “Boys Father Hunger: The Missing Father Syndrome”, Medical Aspects of Human Sexuality, January 1989.


Joint Legal Custody and Dealing with the Difficult Ex

By their very nature, divorce and custody matters are generally contentious. But what if one of the parties is a particularly vengeful and bitter ‘ex.’ How does that change the nature of the game? What if the difficult ‘ex’ is your adversary- or what if it’s…

Stand Up For ZorayaLogo 2- 2016


Bring awareness, celebrate, and support Father-Daughter Relationship EducationFeatured image

Stand Up For Zoraya

Celebrates the love fathers have for their daughters, inspiring them to embrace the important role they hold in their daughters’ lives and to provide the love, nurture, and emotional support that only they can give. The Cause “Stand Up For Zoraya” celebrates the love fathers have for their daughters, inspiring them to embrace the important role they hold in their daughters’ lives and to provide the love, nurture, and emotional support that only they can give.Stand Up For…

Rigged Media - 2016Get the News Media Attention on Family Law Reform

Children, Families and Society as a whole are being undermined by the effects Family Law Courts, Child Protection

Mandate 50/50 physical custody nationwide of all FIT Parents, in initial custody issues, make BOTH Parent equally responsible for raising a child. “There’s no more important ingredient for success, nothing that would be more important for us reducing violence than strong, stable families, which means we should do more to promote marriage and encourage fatherhood,” Obama said. So now the president has…

World4Justice – Lobby Forum- Justice4Children


The Right of a Parent to make decisions regarding upbringing, education and care of their child AS A FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT. Advancing the cause of Parental Rights. Law to establish the Right of a Parent to make decisions regarding upbringing, education and care of their child AS A FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT. It does so all the while while protecting kids at risk, because it continues to…


Demanding that Family Courts fulfill public’s right to fair, efficient justice with dignity, professionalism, courtesy. 

Demand Family Court Reform Florida - 2015

“The greatest scourge an angry Heaven ever inflicted upon an ungrateful and a sinning people, was an ignorant, a corrupt, or a dependent Judiciary.” —Chief Justice John Marshall Should any Man or Woman be above the law? For far too long, the judicial branch of government has operated above the very laws they seek to enforce on society. They sit in judgment of citizens with no check and balances. This is clearly not…

Bring awareness to Parental Alienation in Family Court

Parental Alienation deprives children of their right to be loved by and showing love for both of their parents

Exposing The Methods | Brainwashing Children Isolation. The act of isolating, or the state of being isolated, insulation, separation; loneliness. Manipulation. A method of changing an individual’s attitudes or allegiances through the use of drugs, torture or psychological techniques, any form of indoctrination, alluding to the literal erasing of what is in or on one’s mind. Brain Washing…Read More

Reform Family Law ~ Stop Hurting Parents and Children

World4Justice : Cyber Protest! Put Family Justice and Child Welfare Reform at the top of Politicians Agenda! 

“The liberty of parents to direct the upbringing, education, and care of their child is a fundamental right.” Support the fundamental right of parents to direct the upbringing, education, and care of their children.

Add 28th Parental Rights Amendment to U.S. Constitution

Dedicated to the proposition that children are best served by having unfettered EQUAL access to BOTH parents.

Join us in stating that children are best protected by two equal fit parents whose rights are strongly protected.

Children’s Rights Cause ~