Apply The Constitution In Family Law

Vindicate The Violated - 2015FATHERS WHO DO THE RIGHT THING

The Best Parent picWe believe that if we “take the high road” and “do the right thing” by other family members, that the Justice system will recognize that when considering motions and making rulings.  We believe we will be able to get a fair outcome as good parents, and that we will be allowed to provide for and protect our children.

If we are present in our kids’ lives, contributing and working to balance many challenges, we should be recognized for our value, and supported in our roles.

Stand up for Zoraya - GIF - 2015We believe that the professionals will factor in the evidence and truth of our lives, and use everything in their power – within what our laws allow – to help us help our children. 

Large numbers of fathers have found that NOT to be the case.

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