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Children’s Rights and Family Law Reform

Florida Alimony Reform legislation will finally bring structure and order to our broken and outdated permanent alimony and family court laws.

     For the first time ever in our state, the parties to a divorce will have formal guidelines (much like how Child Support is efficiently handled in Florida) that will outline the amount and duration of alimony awards. There will also be protection for our children to keep them from becoming “money chips” that predatory litigating divorce attorneys use for their own financial gain. 

     Our proposal also provides for significant judicial discretion to allow our Judges to address those unique situations that require an “outside the norm” solution.

     Alimony Reform bills are all about fairness, predictability, and preserving judicial discretion to protect all of Florida’s families.

LETTER TO  Florida Governor Rick Scott – Florida Governor

Dear Governor Scott:

I am writing to you in support of Alimony Reform legislation in Florida.

This bipartisan and gender-neutral legislation will finally rein in the inconsistencies and abuses in alimony awards that have plagued our Family Court system for years all across the state.

For far too long, the divorce attorney lobby has handsomely profited from the perpetual litigation associated with our woefully outdated laws here in Florida. Permanent alimony equates to permanent litigation. That is why the main opposition to this bill in the past has been spearheaded by the Family Law Section of The Florida Bar. Predatory litigating divorce attorneys who enjoy a handsome living preying on the misery of families in crisis just didn’t want the “gravy train” of endless legal fees to end.

However, in 2015, even the Family Law Section realized the long overdue need to fix these outdated laws, and they now publicly support passage of the alimony reform provisions we have proposed!

With your support and signature, the nightmare and injustice of permanent alimony will finally end in Florida!

Our legislators have heard our hundreds of horrific stories of abuse at the hands of an unbridled legal system in the Family Court and they have responded with an overwhelming vote of support for our cause. I would respectfully ask that you do the same.

I would ask for your support in signing Representative Colleen Burton and Senator Kelli Stargel’s Alimony Reform Legislation into law for all of our families and our children once it arrives on your desk after a solid bipartisan mandate from both Chambers of the Florida State Legislature during the 2015 legislative session!

Thank you in advance for standing on the side of Florida’s families!

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