Dysfunctional Family Courts – 2015



No matter what part of our Constitutional Republic, Freedom and Liberty you are fighting for, you must organize all your active leadership efforts by some geographic method.

TO WIN, you need three (3) basic components working:

1 – an efficient network of managing public communications

2 – a logistical network for background legal preparations

3 – a large communications system able to saturate America

Most people understand the basic use of States, but differ widely from there. Our very BEST answer, because OUR efforts ALSO involve a variety of LEGAL issues, is to use a certain kind of geography system that is both over AND within all States – the federal court jurisdictions.

Mirroring the jurisdictional breakdown of the U.S. federal court system is the perfect match to any political-social movement which has numerous LEGAL issues as its base of existence, since it already has the three perfect key components needed:

(a) it is setup to be *proportionally* where the U.S. population already lives – an efficient system, working NOW, covering ALL of America;

(b) it is a *uniform* system, in both over ALL the States, AND ALSO within each and every individual State – easily understood by anyone;

(c) and, its primary purpose, again, IS to correct ILLEGAL wrongdoings – the base of our movement’s existence – with a UNIFORM legal system in ALL States;

It is THE perfect administration system for ALL political-social efforts for which to restore our Constitutional Republic, and about any particular LEGAL RIGHTS under which it stands.

As an inherent bonus, duh, it is ALSO the naturally perfect logistical system for filing a TRULY HISTORIC, nationwide classaction lawsuit by individual U.S. Citizens, everywhere across America, within the span of just one (1) target week – the kind of shockingly MASSIVE public outcry action that can literally smother the whole wayward system into rather quick humility.


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