VOTE: Government just doesn’t work

“I think we could and should take this debate back as many as 23 years of failures and of course if Hillary, someone we all know is a liar, thief and considers all of us to be nothing more than ignorant sheep who are going to believe whatever lie she tells, We can add another 4 to 8 years onto the list of Government just does not work.

The resolve? We all know it, we need to have at least 3 to 4 party system. Changes are necessary, our country has been one of the most corrupt in the world for decades, think not? Travel to another country and see how they feel about us. George Bush being the biggest terrorist and threat to our country ever and will only be out done by another Clinton.

At least when Bill was working at destroying our country and walking all over the Constitution he was doing so quietly and when queried about his actions he gave that Bill Clinton smile, “Yep, I am destroying our country and completely ignoring the Constitution, now let me play you a little tune on my Saxophone…”  ~

VOTE: Government just doesn’t work


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