The Fight for Change from Around The World ~ Oct 17th 2016

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The Fight is a collection of articles from around the globe on the issue of pornography and sexual abuse against boys, and the effects on their lives as they grow into men.


Lauren Harrington-Cooper, Former Pa. Teacher, Sentenced For Sex Abuse Of 4 Students Women gets 9 months for sexually abusing boys. If the genders were reverse the min sentence would of been 6 years #genderbias Disappearing boys The heavy door closed with a loud thump as the young boy left the hotel room. As he walked, a look of pain swept across his face as he struggled to forget the physical and emotional trauma he had just endured. At the bottom of the stairs a man waited and as the boy approached he grabbed him by the arm and shook him. The boy reaches into his pocket and hands the man a collection of crumpled bills. The man slaps the boy across his face adding to the rapidly growing collection of bruises on his young body. He turns the boy’s pockets inside out as a candy bar and a small toy fall to the ground. The man drags the boy towards a nearby van and opens the back door.

Inside a collection of boys and girls sit dirty and hungry in the grip of the dark world known as human trafficking Abuse Cases at 2 Schools, With Technology at the Root MAPLEWOOD, N.J. — The allegations of teachers’ preying on students have come from two very different area high schools in the last two weeks: one in this well-off suburb, the other at a selective school in the heart of Brooklyn. In one case, a woman is accused of having sex with five boys; in the other, it is a man, accused of crossing the line with seven girls. Child protection review planned in Leicestershire following Rotherham sexual abuse scandal It emerged 1,400 young women were abused in Rotherham and the police and the council failed to act.

The safeguarding review in Leicestershire comes as police and crime commissioner Sir Clive Loader ordered a re-examination of child sexual abuse allegations dating back some 25 years. Pervert deputy head who secretly filmed boys could have been stopped two years before he was found hanged after trying to destroy evidence A paedophile deputy headmaster who secretly filmed his pupils was left free to continue his abuse for more than two years after police failed to act on information that he could be a danger to children. Child abuse search warrants ‘refused on age of information’ Delays in a police force receiving details on child abuse suspects from the UK agency tackling such abuse online, has led to search warrants being refused, it has emerged. Bedfordshire Police said it tried to search homes as part of the global child exploitation sting Project Spade. But magistrates refused permission, saying the 17-month delay meant the information was too old, police said. Former child protection head Jim Gamble called it “ridiculous”.

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