South Florida State Senate Races

e3b2e-flag-of-floridaTwo candidates with no party affiliation have jumped into state Senate races in South Florida.

Children’s Rights and Family Law Reform


Who we are –

For Family Restoration and Protection

We are Patriots who love our constitution and families

We are Regular citizens.

We are Patriots; we love the One True Living God, U.S.A and the U.S Constitution

We are Not Lawyers.

We are Not career politicians.

What we Believe ~ Just and fair courtrooms free from cronyism and corruption.

Our Family courts require redesign to better preserve posterity for our children.

Parental Alienation is Child Abuse and is unacceptable.

Our Goals ~ One of the main causes of all the abuses taking place in the present judicial system and associated organizations, guardianship programs, DCF , Juvenile courts, HOA scams, Family Courts, etc. is the lack of judicial accountability caused by the lost of judicial checks and balances so necessary in a Republic.

Reform the Department of Children and Families.

Create ways to enact and enforce laws that protect our children, our youth, our elderly, and our families.

Make government servants accountable for their actions protecting the citizens of our state.

Increase public transparency at all levels of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of our state.

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Mario Jimenez has jumped into the race against Hialeah state Sen. Anitere Flores in SD 39. The longshot candidate is running on a single-issue platform of reforming the state’s Department of Children and Families and family law courts, which he says oversees both rampant elder abuse and unfair child custody decisions.

Demand Family Court Reform Florida - 2015

“Our present senators and House representatives have done little to nothing to protect them, ignoring the plight of these children and their families,” reads Jimenez’s platform.

“Similar abuses are taking place with the elderly under guardianship programs, with home and condo owners through foreclosure and homeowner associations, and with Florida families and our youth in family and juvenile courts.”

His quixotic campaign is unlikely to unseat Flores, who was first elected to the Senate in 2012 and terms out in 2020. Flores has so far raised $338,343 for her 2016 re-election bid.

Cutler Bay state Sen. Dwight Bullard has drawn his first opponent of the 2016 cycle as well in no-party candidate Alaina Pashto of Homestead.

Little is known about Pastho, a political newcomer with no visible campaign so far.

Bullard, son of the the late former state Sen. Larcenia Bullard, who like her son was a tenacious legislative liberal, has raised $38,873 toward 2016 re-election. He also terms out in 2020.

Bullard recently filed a bill — SB 06 —  along with fellow Democratic state Sen. Darren Soto that would raise the state minimum wage to $15 an hour. That measure, like the candidacies of Pashto and Jimenez, faces long odds in Tallahassee.

via Two South Florida state Senate races pick up NPA filers – SaintPetersBlog.

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