The Family Courts are Bias, Abusive, Corrupted, and they know and accept it!

Vindicate The Violated - 2015FATHERS WHO DO THE RIGHT THING

The Best Parent picWe believe that if we “take the high road” and “do the right thing” by other family members, that the Justice system will recognize that when considering motions and making rulings.  We believe we will be able to get a fair outcome as good parents, and that we will be allowed to provide for and protect our children.

If we are present in our kids’ lives, contributing and working to balance many challenges, we should be recognized for our value, and supported in our roles.

Stand up for Zoraya - GIF - 2015We believe that the professionals will factor in the evidence and truth of our lives, and use everything in their power – within what our laws allow – to help us help our children. 

Large numbers of fathers have found that NOT to be the case.

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Dysfunctional Family Courts - 2015
by: Marcia Hamilton
This page is for all the kids out there that are being kept from one of the parents due to Parental Alienation. Please share with people the severity of... READ MORE

This page is for all the kids out there that are being kept from one of the parents due to Parental Alienation. Please share with people the severity of… READ MORE

DCF, Senators Eye Ways to Bolster Child Protection Program
By News Service of Florida Daily Business Review October 12, 2015 

The chief of the Florida Department of Children and Families told lawmakers his agency is making progress at carrying out reforms but still has a long way to go.
Lawmakers Seek to Shield Seniors From Shady Guardians
By News Service of Florida Daily Business Review October 12, 2015 

A Southwest Florida lawmaker is renewing a push to better protect elderly Floridians from unscrupulous guardians who take control of seniors’ assets.
Is This The Future for Law Firms? Ice Rolling Out Innovative Legal Representation Option
By Samantha Joseph Daily Business Review October 12, 2015 

Foreclosure defense attorney Thomas Ice is gearing up to launch a program to offer free legal services and allow clients to hire attorneys for piecemeal work, instead of entire cases.

Judicial Profile: Veronica Diaz Wanted to be a Judge Even as a Child
By Carlos Harrison Daily Business Review October 9, 2015 Circuit Judge Veronica Diaz said she wanted to be an attorney “from the time that I could understand what an attorney was.”
Bank of America Settles Rothstein Lawsuit Days Before Trial was to Begin
By Julie Kay Daily Business Review October 9, 2015 

Bank of America has agreed to settle a lawsuit brought by investors in Scott Rothstein’s $1.2 billion Ponzi scheme days before trial was to begin.
More Fallout From DUI Arrest, Broward Judge Rosenthal Stepping Down
By Samantha Joseph Daily Business Review October 8, 2015 

Pink Slip To Incompetent Judges

Pink Slip To Incompetent Judges

Broward Circuit Judge Lynn Rosenthal is stepping down from the bench Oct. 31 in the fallout from her arrest for driving under the influence, leaving a courthouse vacancy unlikely to be filled before January.
Legal or Not? Discounts on Medical Procedures
By Lori C. Desnick Daily Business Review October 7, 2015 

Health care providers walk a fine line when it comes to offering discounts to patients, writes attorney Lori C. Desnick.
Florida Bar President: Reciprocity Is Dead for Now
By Julie Kay Daily Business Review October 6, 2015 

Florida Bar President Ramon Abadin acknowledged reciprocity is likely a dead issue this year.
Parental-alienation - As a victim #StandupforZoraya 2015Bock: Budget Cuts Won’t Trim Domestic Violence Services
By Jason Schultz Daily Business Review October 6, 2015 

The Palm Beach County legal community renews commitments to fight domestic violence.
Single-Parent Birth Certificates Challenged by Former Partners
By Samantha Joseph Daily Business Review October 5, 2015 

A landmark divorce case challenges Florida’s birth certificate statute, which lists only one parent for same-sex couples.

Demand Family Court Reform Florida - 2015Read more:

3 thoughts on “The Family Courts are Bias, Abusive, Corrupted, and they know and accept it!

  1. Every child deserves an involved dad.

    Many people are surprised at the research which shows a connection between father absence and an increase in social problems in America including: poverty, teen pregnancy, juvenile delinquency, physical abuse, suicide, substance and alcohol abuse and a host of other troubling social problems. The sad fact is that not only does father absence hurt children, fathers suffer as well.

    Developing positive relationships with their children encourages and motivates fathers to lead more constructive lives, even in the most difficult of circumstances. For instance, the simple act of regularly writing to their children from prison improves outcomes for incarcerated fathers, including increasing their odds of training for, finding, and keeping a job once they reenter society. Evidence shows that fathers who write to their children once a week have a lower risk of violence in prison and recidivism when released. These positive outcomes are multiplied when we study the impact on the children of inmates, and how father contact can change the trend of their children’s lives – even while the father is still incarcerated.

    In addition, research and experience tell us that there is a strong correlation between lack of father involvement and many larger social challenges. Sadly, trends are against us. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) notes, in a study that investigated these trends, 2006 – 2010, “fewer fathers now live with their children” over the period studied. Reasons for this depressing trend include incarceration, non-marital childbearing and other factors.

    According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 24 million children in America, one out of three children in America, now live in biological father-absent homes. Furthermore, according to the national surveys conducted by NFI, 9 in 10 parents believe there is a father absence crisis in America.

    This study, an excellent resource on the impact of father-child involvement, also describes how “increased involvement of fathers in their children’s lives has been associated with a range of positive outcomes for the children.”

    Fatherhood is in crisis in America, and you can help. By using our evidence-based programs your department, agency, or not-for-profit group can increase father involvement, improve the lives of children everywhere, and reverse negative trends in a wide range of social issues. Or, by becoming an individual activist, you can bring fatherhood programming to your community and help to reduce a host of social ills in your neighborhood.

    NFI is a nationally respected, oft-cited, non-profit organization committed to better outcomes for children and our society as a whole. Our research and programs make a positive difference in the relationships between fathers and children – even in cases where a father is not physically present in the home. You don’t have to be a bystander to the fatherhood crisis in America; you can help to turn the tide and help us create a world in which every child has a 24/7 Dad.

    Thank you for your interest and support,

    The National Fatherhood Initiative® Team –

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