Raising Legal Objection For Racism

Stop Gender bias and discrimination in Family Courts - AFLA Blog 2016There are objections for hearsay, speculation, unresponsive comments, and irrelevant questions and comments.  There is not a clear objection for a purely racist comment.

I didn’t even think of that until my trial last month on a drug case in Lee County, FL. Maybe we do need to consider adding a new objection.

racism_0State Attorney:  And is it normal for — based on your training and experience — normal for people in this part of town to just walk up to each other’s houses and purchase drugs?98252-r2bv-2bt

Detective:  Yes

….. several questions later

Janese Caruthers:  And I believe [the State Attorney} asked you, is it common in the Dunbar area for people to just go up to someone’s house and say, hey, I need some drugs?

Detective:  Yes.

Janese Caruthers:  And you said that is common, correct?

Detective:  Yes.…..Do you believe in Dads - 2016

via There’s No Objection for Racism.

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