Stand Up For Zoraya

Logo 2- 2016ALL family court trials should be by jury. Family court abuse and or corruption is the most widely criticized. Judges and their friends involved in family court process created situations ripe for injustice and corruption. We must remove the judges from this life altering process for so many people. Let a jury of local citizens with their own families make these serious decisions.

It should be a child’s right to:

  • be raised by his parents free from government intrusion.
  • have an attorney of his/her choice.
  • be heard in court personally.
  • be allowed to report abuse and know the system will protect them.
  • be protected from mental and physical abuse by guardians as well as the judicial system, and to receive justice.

Currently the way children and their families are treated by the judicial system is a crime in and of itself. We the people must protect families and the children. These rights must be mandated because the existing system is hopelessly broken.

No child should be taken from family without evidence and a hearing.

No child removed from a family without a police investigation with probable cause for criminal child abuse and referred to a prosecutor for criminal court.

Children are being removed from their homes at the whim of people. This life altering decision must be made in the court and decided by a jury. We cannot allow families any longer to be torn apart by people who should have no authority to decide and take such serious action.

ALL children deserve to have a childhood free from abuse, exploitation and government interference during custody litigation. Custody litigation is devastating too many. The children must be protected not damaged by the

Stand Up For Zoraya

stand up for zoraya - 2015Since January of 2009, we’re happy to populate the Internet with information that is helpful, supportive, and conducive to fostering father-child relationships, reducing or eliminating Parental Alienation, for the betterment of our children’s psychological and emotional health, and for the future health of our families and societies. In addition, Stand Up For Zoraya hopes to shed light on and reform an antiquated loopholes in our Legal Adversarial system in Family Law that degrades a father’s role.

Fathers have become undervalued, family structure has become disposable, children suffer without both parents but so often father is left out, seen as nonessential. Let’s correct this by bringing attention to it! With so many children lacking trusted guardians, we encourage and celebrate any parent willing and able to stand up as an example of unconditional love for their child. We believe children have a right to a meaningful, loving relationship with both their…

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