Ramifications of Parental Alienation


Scientific knowledge, understanding and a tremendous amount of direction and tools to help parents and professionals deal with the ramifications of Parental Alienation, a burgeoning and devastating form of child psychological abuse.

Dr. Reay’s published research study for her PhD.D. dissertation in 2007, demonstrating the correlation between levels of parental alienation and psychological distress of adult children of divorce who experienced alienation in their earlier years, speaks to the tragic price that is paid when effective interventions are not available to these families. Families where parental alienation exist are not a matter of business as usual in both the mental health and legal communities.

Therapists, attorneys and judges who are not properly trained in how to work with alienation cases fall into the trap of believing the alienating parent and the programmed child and make the egregious mistake of contributing to the abuse. On the show, Dr. Reay argues that entirely different therapeutic and court-ordered judicial approaches must be taken to stop this form of child abuse.

Dr. Reay strongly believes that in order to re-establish a healthy relationship between children and a rejected parent, two key things must occur:

1) the Court must order that child custody be reversed in favor of the rejected normative parent for at least a meaningful period of time during which the children will experience only the rejected parent’s caregiving and

2) the Court must suspend any direct and indirect contact between the favored parent and the child for a period of time until the child’s resilience to any negative messaging or to an enmeshed relationship can be rebuilt and the child’s attachment to the rejected parent can be rebuilt.

Learn about the Family Reflections Reunification Program, led by Dr. Reay and a team of specially trained professionals. Families from all over the United States and Canada are flocking to this program because preliminary evidence reveals a 95 percent success rate. The purpose of Dr. Reay’s program is to reconcile children with their rejected normative parent within a couple of days at a beautiful year-round retreat, to provide the alienating parent intensive therapeutic treatment in his or her own locale and to maintain a healthy relationship between the child and his or her rejected parent through follow up counseling services in their own home locale.

Find out more about this masterful reunification program at http://www.familyreflectionsprogram.com or http://www.drkathleenreay.comChild abuser in Black Robe - DivorceCorp - 2016

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