Parents Against Injustice. (Weekend round-up)

Adult Children of Parental Alienation Syndrome  –  Alltop RSS – It’s easy enough to find material describing PAS and how devastating it can be. But this book actually proposes effective countermeasures.

Moms and Wives Have Found Their Voice in the Dads and Families Section  –  Rob Watson at The Good Men Project – 

And you can too. Read their thoughts and ideas here. Join the conversation on our Facebook Page. Submit your own articles. Together, we are raising the bar as to what it takes to be a father. The post Moms and Wives Have Found Their Voice in the Dads and Families Section appeared first on The Good Men Project.

SUPPORT OUR CAUSE – Children’s Rightsc369e-sap

La alienación parental y separar a los hijos de uno de sus padres es abuso infantil  –  viso at CUSTODIA PATERNA

Sábado, 27 de Febrero, 2016 Jorge Tirado Zamudio, sube una imagen en donde manifiesta una verdad como un castillo. “La alienación parental y separar a los hijos de uno de sus padres es abuso infantil”. Y además de los más graves, pues las consecuencias que repercuten sobre los menores seguirán con ellos y marcarán sus vidas por siempre. No puede considerado un entorno sano para el crecimiento de los menores, aquel en donde el menor recibe constantemente críticas de su padre (o de su madre, aunque sean menos los casos). Los jueces que estos niños poco a poco vayan siendo víctimas… more »


World4Justice : NOW! Lobby Forum.

Why do judges in our family courts ignore the law?

<h2Judge photo: Judge Judge.gif itemprop=”alternativeHeadline description”>Sir James Munby’s guidelines are being breached

It is a basic principle of British justice that no one should be sent to   prison except in open court, so that their name can be known and why they   have been jailed. But this has long been one of those basic principles that   are routinely ignored in our ultra-secretive family courts. MORE;

Philomena – review   A TALE OF TODAYTrue tragedy: Philomena Lee's true story about how her beloved boy was taken from her at a convent has made it onto the silver screen with Judi Dench playing the role of Philomena

I forgive the nuns who stole my boy: Played by Judi Dench in a heart-rending new film, PHILOMENA LEE reveals the search for her love child who was given away to strangersMORE

Scots council chiefs threaten to evict struggling parents overkht threat letter socil services

bedroom tax arrears.. AND report them to

Children’s Services!



SOUTH Ayrshire Council sent out the cruel letter to parent tenants with arrears as little as £250 –…

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