An obstacle in the on-going effort to rid the nation of domestic violence…factual errors and misrepresentations.

Victim-advocacy group Stop Abusive and Violent Environments warns that factual errors and misrepresentations in public education efforts sponsored by domestic violence organizations may represent an obstacle in the on-going effort to rid the nation of domestic violence. SAVE issues the alert in conjunction with Domestic Violence Awareness Month, which is observed in October each year.Judge Judy on Restraining Orders - 2016

The Partner Abuse State of Knowledge (PASK) project, a summary of over 1,700 domestic violence research studies, concludes that mutual abuse among partners is commonplace, and men and women engage in partner aggression at similar rates:

Despite the PASK findings, SAVE notes some domestic violence organizations continue to ignore the problem of mutual abuse and minimize female-initiated aggression: Some groups maintain that domestic violence is an expression of patriarchal power, a stance that ignores the plight of thousands of women caught in abusive same-sex relationships.Silver Bullet of Domestic Violence-Family Law -- 2016

The biased statements undergird shelter policies that allow male victims to be turned away. The informational errors also result in female offenders not being referred for anger management classes, substance abuse treatment, or other services:

“Domestic Violence Awareness Month is supposed to be about enhancing citizens’ understanding of domestic violence,” notes SAVE spokesperson Sheryle Hutter. “But groups that distort the truth are keeping us from ending the cycle of violence.”

Organizations receiving federal grants are prohibited from engaging in wasteful or fraudulent practices, according to the Department of Justice: Domestic violence services organizations are welcome to update their training materials and fact sheets based on SAVE’s Seven Key Facts About Domestic Violence: Accusers

Stop Abusive and Violent Environments is a victim-advocacy organization working for evidence-based solutions to domestic violence and sexual

“Groups that distort the truth are keeping us from ending the cycle of violence.” — S. Hutter, SAVE


Evidence - 2016

ON THE RECORD ~ Throughout my life I have never committed any acts of domestic violence against a woman. I have a brother and sister and have been raised by “both” parents teaching us to always respect women, men, animals…etc. More importantly, I have a son and daughter and would never want them to experience domestic violence. Because I have experienced domestic violence; I am a victim of domestic violence. In the past I was attacked and injured (by a woman) and she was arrested.

False Allegations of Domestic Violence Hurt Children!


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Interference - 2016

In the Paternity Case for my (our) daughter that I filed almost 5 years ago exists “false allegations” of domestic violence against me. My daughter’s mother was making her second attempt (with a lawyer) to make false allegations of domestic violence and obtain an injunction to derail the Paternity Suit I filed December 4th, 2008.Stand up for Zoraya Logo 2- 2016
On her 1st attempt she admitted to Judge Cohn on October 27th, 2008 that there had never been any domestic violence incidents since we met in 1990. She added, answering the Judge‘s question, that she felt no danger for our daughter. We were both self-represented. So on the 2nd go-around I represented myself in DV Court again and she had a lawyer. A 1 year TEMPORARY restraining order was ordered against even though I had proof that a false police report was filed with Miami-Dade Police Department and it was allowed to included as evidence against my objection.
But, it gets worse, at the end of the hearing I placed an envelope with a “legal document” that I’d just filed in the Paternity Case on the opposing party’s table. For this Judge Brennan returned to the bench called us back to our places and without even checking the contents of the envelope she ordered me (and I completed) a 26-week Batterers Intervention Course.
Each week for 26-weeks an average of 20 men (in each session including me) discussed a variety of topics regarding DV. I heard some men admit to committing domestic violence…it was shocking, awful and repulsive! However, I learned a great deal and was able to tell my story. By the way I was one of less than a handful of those men that did NOT have to wear an “ankle bracelet“.
The Family Court has been advised over and over that perjury has been committed (in the case) and that Florida State laws have been broken. I advised the Presiding Family Court Judge, Director Loftus of the Miami-Dade Police Department, and Katherine Fernandez Rundel at the State Attorney’s Office; following the instructions of the very same Family Court Judge.

Please read my story “Reckless Disregard”

Parental Alienation
“Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan “press on” has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.” ~ Calvin Coolidge – 30th President of United States of America (1872 – 1933)
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